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Overcast: Vol 1, Part 1

If you Don't know what's going on, click the Link. Tuesday 9:37 P.M. Overcast Private Detective Agency, Rain's Office. FloodVile. Rain stood over his desk looking at the map of FloodVile, The Overcast office is in the top right corner of his map, with several red X's marked across the entire center of town. With words like, "Possible activity?" and things along the lines of that. You see, Rain was looking for a crime syndicate's base of operations. They call themselves the "Recon". He's been tracking them for months and they seem to only be leaving bread crumb sized trails. His Latest lead popped up a week ago when someone was murdered behind Qwerty's Pub. Rain interrogated Him, But Qwerty said he didn't know what happened. Rain Sits down in his leather swivel chair. contemplating his ideas. When a knock comes to his door. Rain, still looking at the map yells, "Come In", The bronze knob turns and the wooden door opens to reveal Mr.Kay, The FloodVile Police commissioner. Mr.Kay greets Rain with a smirk and a Box of SmileyTarts, that he plops on Rain's clouded desk. Mr.Kay sits down, "So, How's FloodVile's favorite Private detective?" Rain leans forward, "Still looking for these Assholes" Mr.Kay laughs, "You have absolutely no idea how stupid you look at the department. IRON, Thinks your chasing ghosts" Rain opens the box of "SmileyTarts" BioSmiley's brand of Poptarts. DeeJ told Smiley that if he used "Pop Tart" he'd hit 'em with the Banhammer. So Bio named them SmileyTarts. Rain takes out the Peanut butter one, (his favorite), As he responds to Mr.Kay's comment. "Well, IRON can go f*ck himself, The One is out there and killing Floodians; i'm going to stop him" Mr.kay raises a Black eyebrow, "Oooo, The guy who Has, and probably won't ever show his face, nor his Skin! Is planning on being heroic. What's next? A Talking beetle?" It's true. No one in FloodVile has seen the Skin, or Face of the trench-coated Rain. You may ask yourself, How is that possible? Well, Rain has a hood grafted into his Black trench coat, and for some reason, the hood NEVER falls off. You can only see piercing White dots Rain calls his "eyes". Rain laughs, "Shut up Kay, I do what I please. thanks for the Tarts, but I actually have to go speak to the owner of the SmileyTarts right now, Would you mind heading out?" Mr.Kay stands up "Ok, calm down. I'll get outta your hair." Kay walks over to the Door and opens the door for Rain and himself. Rain walks out and turns around, waiting For Kay to close the door. When it closes, Rain pulls out the key and shoves it in the lock turning it to the right, listening for the satisfying click of it closing. He turns toward the Elevator and waits for Mr.Kay. The Elevator arrives; "So, What does Smiley have that you want?" Rain stares at the blank granite ground of the elevator. Rain replies to Kay, "Smiley doesn't have anything that I need to know, well as far as I know." Mr. Kay looks puzzled. "Wait, What?" Rain smiles, "It shouldn't matter to you Kay, But if you must know. Smiley's been acting quite shifty lately, and I want to know why" The elevator dings, and the doors open. Rain walks past the the secretary desk and towards the front door. "Keep your pants on Mr.Kay, no one is going to get arrested... I hope"

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