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What is Sunsinger

This is based off the tree we saw in Beta. Sunsinger is labeled as support. It does have one support trait called Song of Flame. "While Active, Radiances reduces all cool downs of nearby allies." Now does that mean as long as it's active or only when on use, I do not know. The other 2 choices are "Radiant Skin" and "Fireborn" which are both self survival tools, One reduces damage and other allows you use Radiance while you are dead so you can come back to life. Remember you can only pick one of these 3 to go with radiance. Radiance itself buffs your effectiveness of abilities. I am not 100% sure what this means, I can only assume it means they do more damage. Does it mean they have a bigger range as well? EDIT: See note below. If you choose touch of flame it makes your grenades add a debuff to whoever it hits called Ignite. Ignite does damage over time. There is another trait that also makes ignite last longer if you wish to choice it. Not going over every detail but I wanted people to get an idea from what we see in Beta what it is. Maybe on release there will be better descriptions or changes to abilities all together. From the tree in beta this is not a healer as some say. Support I can see that a little because Song of Flame, which will work really nice with a coordinated group. It's really about self survival and sustained damage while VoidWalker is about raw burst damage, again going by what we could see in beta. What do I mean by sustained damage, it means you are constantly doing things to help keep damage going instead of doing a bunch of damage at once. I include Song of Flame in this mix because allows teammates to use their abilities faster, doing more damage. Sunsinger will definitely be awesome in raids if people take advantage of the Sunsinger. If anybody can send me links or info that shows it is healer, I wouldn't mind seeing it. I really like being support / healer so that is what I was looking for in this class. Here is Datto talking about all the abilities and traits, if you are interested.

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