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I want YOU! To join the Titans!

Why you should be a Titan: Go around kneeing people in the face. Blind people with your nades. Ground pound mother-blam!-er! (Recommend saying Titanfall quotes as well.) You're swole. You can always get a Hunter to clean your boots. Get nerdy Warlocks to do your homework. Shoving them into lockers, optional. You have a license to be badass. Like an 80's action hero, you never seem to run out of ammo. Your can disintegrate enemies by the sacred "Way of Fist on Face" You apprenticed under Master Chief. Make people rage properly and wish for your class to get nerfed. Batman was in fact, a Titan. Liam Neeson and Batman both went solo on Vault of Glass as Titans. You are the Juggernaut...Bitch! In Destiny Titan kills you, in Soviet Destiny Titan still kills you Unlimited money and infinite girlfriends Titans own all your base Notable Titans: Liam Neeson, Sgt. Johnson (He would have been your daddy), Batman, Chris Hemsworth, Master Chief, Wolverine, Genghis Khan, All the Power Rangers, Mr. T, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Thanks auto-correct) The Great Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (maggots!), The Honey Badger, Mr Rodgers, Leonidas, The Hulk, DoomGuy, LEEEROOOOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIINS!, All the Ninja Turtles, Amon Amarth, Wonder Woman, Sarah Palmer, Sif, She-Hulk, American Dream, Mel Gibson, Captain America, RoboCop, Wesley Snipes, The Guy Who Picks Things Up and Puts them Down, OPTIMUS PRIME, Iron Man, and the Halo 1 Pistol. [spoiler]You just lost The Game[/spoiler] Edit: Chuck Norris is his own class Another edit: Superman has a cape and I'm sure he wouldn't be a Hunter. Same goes for Batty.
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