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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Crazy idea. Get rid of the kdr stat.

I know crazy. If destiny is truly to be a "team" concept game how can they incorporate an individual stat. First of all stats lie. Second of all people will do anything to get the highest individual stat. Stats lie = everyone uses kdr as a baseline of skill. The problem is its easily manipulated. People will make fake accounts to feed their main account. Often times people with high kdr are not attaining that against equal or better competition. How many of us all have seen the high kd player bail out of every game their kd might take a hit? I even entered a game of domination and was called everything one can imagine because I took flag b. Apparently they were playing "scrubs" and my team was allowing them to take the objectives. That way they could extend the game as long as possible to pump up that kd. Yea lot of skill there. Second people will do anything to get the highest stat. Many peole have stated kills for strikes is a bad system. As it doesn't account for actual damage done. So if someone is focusing the boss it won't show anywhere. Fair point. So if they add a damage meter I see no difference from kdr. You will just have a new stat to shoot for. So now people will focus on the most damage at the cost of the team. I see a world where you will have other peole not resurrecting each other in an attempt to stay on the top of the board. If your dead for 30 seconds you can't add to your score. So in pvp you have only score. Peole who amass kills will be rewarded with a higher score. If your more of an objective player you can take bases but still score well. It will better promote team work if it's overall score. In pve I suggest something like a success stat for strikes/raids. I played a titan and I stayed on the front lines. I typically was high on the kills stat. Not because I'm some kind of amazing player but because my play style rewarded me with that stat. I usually focused on taking down lesser enemies while my team focused on the bigger baddies. We played well as a team but I as an individual showed up better on the stats. If we changed the stat to say success. You could easily identify players who can complete objectives. So say if your needing to pick up someone up for a raid. If 2 players both have a high kd who do you chose? Now if one completes the raid 80% of the time and the other 30% you have a clear winner. To me kdr in a pve environment is just pointless anyway. Who cares what my kdr is for my own story mission? Edit: there seems to be some confusion. I'm not saying get rid of stats all together. Just remove the kdr stat from the equation. As of now after a match you get your total score and a break down of kills. So you would still score well with a high kd but would only see the score. Example. You go 4 and 6 in a match. However you took 7 controlled points. People would label you a "scrub" because you went negative. When actually you helped make the high kd people look better by increasing the point modifier for kills. You also helped your team win. Second edit. A different example. Player A goes 10 and 1. Kdr of 10. Scored 10000 points. Player B goes 5 and 10. Kdr of .5. However still scores 10000 points. They were taking and defending points. Kdr system. Player A is "good" player B is a "scrub" Points system. Player A and B scored equal. Both helped the team equal. Both were rewarded for their chosen play style. However player B is not judged negatively for their kdr status.

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