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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Razors are OP in Destiny! Where is the option for beards?

EDIT: I altered the title as it was misleading. I played Destiny and enjoyed it so much for the first 4 days, after the 2 day polish period I soon wanted to create another Guardian and was met with a serious dilemma. I looked at my guardians face, a male Human, Caucasian with brown hair, nothing special, but he was missing something. What was it? I couldn't decide what I needed, changed skin color, hair style, hair color, even altered the face. And then I looked closely at his perfectly baby soft smooth skin and my heart sank. I couldn't give him facial hair. There was no option for it at all not even a 5 o'clock shadow! I look at a man who looks about 30 or so and had the skin and hair follicles of an infant! It was weird, he needed facial hair. Maybe not a large mountain man beard but reserved facial hair. People do not take this seriously but I think it would greatly improve the limited customization we currently have in Destiny! Some people's biggest argument against beards is 'how would they fit in an air tight helmet?' All those who think that beards wouldn't fit in a helmet need to be able to explain the humans giant dreadlocks, tall outrageous Awoken hair, and large forehead protrusions of the Exo. That huge unicorn spike does not look at all retractable! Second argument, 'I don't want a beard'. Well that is no reason to keep the option from others! Third argument, 'Exos and women don't get beards so its not fair!' Well women don't get beards in real life so that's just a bummer, and for Exos they could either be left out of the beard train or have another really awesome mouth chin attachment or anything really. Forth argument (and most valid), 'it's too late to add them'. I hope it's not! They have a month so I hope it's possible. I think for the sake of logic we should have the option for facial hair. Men can typically grow facial hair! Let's have that as an option like every other game ( that allows for customization) that I have ever played in the last 10 years. Including the FREE TO PLAY DC Universe. Deej confirm that we have beards please or I may be forced to try hair growth stimulants to have one in real life! EDIT: what is a warlock without a wizard beard? A hunter without the scraggly cowboy beard? Or a Titan without a military grade mustache? These should be options! EDIT: If you get this far reading please comment and like if you agree! Also, please join the mission and create your own post about adding facial hair to destiny and put the link here and I will visit it and hopefully others will as well.

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