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8/4/2014 5:30:10 PM

Confused about Light stat? RPG-friendly comparison

The stat called Light in Destiny increases your level beyond 20. This may seem confusing as it's not a common thing in games to have gear increase your level... but worry not. It's actually very similar to any RPG where you find new gear that further increases your characters baddie-punching power. The only difference is that in Destiny the gear actually grants you levels. Otherwise it's the same - your affinity in wrecking the enemies of the Light goes up. Let's simplify what Light means on gear! It's easy - Light basically gives you % damage due to your effective level giving you more damage against higher level enemies. Comparison between Destiny and RPG-X, a made up example where gear can grant you a damage bonus percentage. 2 gear items in Destiny [quote][i]Armor of Light[/i] gives you 50 Light [i]Armor of Power[/i] gives you 50 Intellect[/quote] 2 gear items in RPG-X [quote][i]Armor of Strenght[/i] gives you 5% increased damage [i]Armor of Power[/i] reduces your Ultimate Ability Z cooldown by 5%[/quote] *names and numbers above made up* In both games, equipping [i]Armor of Power[/i] reduces an ability cooldown but reduces your effective damage to enemies. This is what you will have to consider when you have Light on your gear in Destiny. [b]End note:[/b] this is all based on currently available information, subject to change. I would also like to note that I have no idea about the effects of Light on [i]lower level enemies[/i]; it might not be as useful against them if it only decreases the damage-loss against the higher level ones. [u]Any information about this would be appreciated![/u] Sources: oh come on, I'm too tired for this... either you know these by now or someone else will link them if you spam long enough.

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