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Titan, Hunter, or Warlock?

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Warlock, Titan, and Hunter Poems

So here are poems I wrote for the three classes. Feel free to share your own work here, as well! Enjoy! EDIT: I'm loving the feedback and all the shared poems. Keep it going guys! EDIT 2: I added a fourth poem about the Traveler. WARLOCK POEM: [spoiler]I am Warlock, Oath breaker, I have forsaken myself, my knees bent in service to the Light, I have reshaped it as a weapon, Against the Darkness, There is no mysticism here, No balancing act, Darkness will be reforged in my Light, Obliteration, I am Warlock, Absolute. And should I fall, Should my armor be cracked with blood, The Light will not falter, I am no lone servant, I am Warlock, We are Guardian. Be brave.[/spoiler] TITAN POEM: [spoiler]I am Titan, Gargantuan, My voice thunders on the battlefield! The Light is my comrade, a brother in arms, The Darkness will shake and quake, And never be still at our sight! I am the tall wall that Jericho envies, The unshakable, The unbroken, Darkness will break on this wall, Their teeth and claws shattered and bleeding. I am Titan And should I fall, Should my fist be torn asunder, The Light will not yield For I am not a lone warrior, I am Titan. We are Guardian. Be brave.[/spoiler] HUNTER POEM: [spoiler]I am Hunter, Stalker, Though I lurk in the shadows, they are not my home, Know thy enemy, Become thy enemy Then let loose the arrows. The Darkness perpetually surrounds me, There is a thrilling peace in this, But the Light will strike out from my rifle, A burst of bright that will pierce Darkness heart and Darkness mind, 7.62 x 51mm Darkness Piercing rounds My hands are steady and my eyes are sharp And should I fall, My rifle jammed and cloak tattered, I am no lone wolf, My pack yearns for the throat and artery, I am Hunter, We are Guardian. Be brave.[/spoiler] TRAVELER POEM: [spoiler] I am Traveller, Wanderer, Though I am a remnant of what I was, I still haunt the Darkness. My Ghosts, a light in this bleak. I am Light incarnate, My husk hovers and protect, And reflects the suns rays, There is peace there. Inside, I am a great machination, An indomitable force The warlocks attempt understanding But confuse it with servitude. The Titans believe me equal, And the Hunters use me only as the edge of a knife. But they all carry my will. My Light. I will not fall. I am not broken nor silent, My whispers still reach ears I am Traveller. I am Guardian. Be brave, my Light.[/spoiler]

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