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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
8/2/2014 4:19:41 PM

One shot locations

love it, sounds amazing


sounds good, would try it


50/50 could be good or bad


could ruin some gameplay


hate it, would spoil the game


Just an idea that came to me. I love the open world aspect of destiny and can't wait to get my hands on it but I'm concerned about the repetitive style of it. Apart from the public events and taking the tasks you can find when exploring (in my opinion) there is a lack in completely spontaneous events because coming from me someone who spent most of his gameplay exploring I did get quite bored hoping that I'de stumble upon a public event and barely did. My idea is spontaneous events that range from a small payroll or band of fallen or hive trying to steal intel on the last city or traveler and your job is to clear out the patrol and recover the intel. Obviously these enemies will be stronger adding to why it makes it more interesting or might try and flee with the intel and you need to catch them and if this is completed you gain special items which may be an encrypted engram which is really rare or the intel they tried to steal is more information on the golden age or traveler which you have now and can sell to the speaker or int the simplest case you find a very rewarding loot chest. This was my idea on the small scale spontaneous events which can be dealt with their and then. I also have a bigger scale idea for this kind of thing. Instead of discovering the event in explore, the event is chosen from when you're setting destination to go from the tower to other planets, and these events are very much like public events but can also be taken on as strikes. The scale will be much larger like having a large influx of enemy hive or cabal or whatever in a certain area ( and by area I mean like all of old Russia or the moon) and guardians in this area will need to keep fighting for maybe half an hour or hour and within this time they need to tally up a certain amount of kills and if they can't achieve the kills the enemy faction becomes stronger in numbers and level. I've almost reached the end of all my ideas on this topic but my last is the largest and rarest. With this event it needs to be taken on as a strike and it takes you to a completely new location like a derelict hive or fallen spaceship or a recently found abandoned space station from the golden age and as a guardian you have been tasked with exploring these locations and be given a range of tasks such as finding intel, finding lost technology or just exploring this new area. And the enemies you may find are very strong and can ambush you because you are no longer in known territory this is completely new and you are at a disadvantage to your enemies. The small events I talked about can be very frequent depending on what location you are at. The medium event (influx enemy event) could last 1-2 days happening several times once a week. Finally the biggest event happens once or twice every two weeks and last for only a day ( a day may sound too long but the difficulty of this event will prolong any task you take in this event). I almost forgot as well the reward system for both the medium event and big event. The medium event rewards you with lots of glimmer ( not the glimmer you gain from killing enemies ) ,lots and lots of dropped items from enemies ( because there will be a lot of enemies ranging many levels ) and depending on your contribution to the event it will reward you with a rare item. For the big event the rewards will be like none other, you won't be awarded any glimmer ( apart from the glimmer you gain from killing your enemies ) but enemies will drop items much more frequently ( so much so you may need to make space in your inventory ) ranging in many levels from common to rare. But the ultimate prize comes when you complete the task during the event because you are guaranteed a legendary class item ( like the cloaks for hunters) and a legendary/epic item ( which could be a weapon or armour ) So that's my idea quite large I know and I would love your opinions on it wether it's holes I've missed, ways to make it better, if you like or hate it, or even I f you think it's not going to happen cause it's to big to put in at this stage because to be honest that's what I think but anyways love to hear your opinion Cheers

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