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Surf a Flood of random discussion.

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Comment one word, lets see what happens! 9K posts!!!!

So an Elite walks into the tower......... 8K PARTY! : Comment a username, and make some awesome subthreads (yes, even me ^____^ ) [u][b]Pro Tip:[/b][/u] It's best to comment in subthreads, since comments to the OP get all out of order. [b]Edit 1:[/b] scroll way back in the history to find d the best sub-threads :D [b]Edit 2: [/b]My sides have left earth several times reading these XD [b]Edit 3:[/b] So.....apparently you guys like to mention ME in your comments >.> [b]PRIZES[/b](CLOSED): Pushing this thread to 1500: Dylan JR Best Tag-Team: Ariadne81 and Dragon Sniper 3 Best Ending: BioSmiley Most creative: Vien Quitonm for "Fornication" and "dammit" Just getting by: Jojomew with "deadspace" (Tried REAL hard to make this a word didn't you?) Under the bus: Zion Best sentence: Vien Quitonm, BioSmiley, Ariadne81, Dragon Sniper 3, and Hunter (something about Patrick Star wacking off?) Most Successful Sub-thread (containing 69+ replies): Ariadne81 and Dragon Sniper 3 Former Most Successful Sub-Thread winner (containing 41 replies) about 5 minutes ago: Vien Quitonm Honorable Mention: Goincrazy and Ariadne81 for making several amazing sub-threads XD

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