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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Class Hangouts

I've come up with this concept from the several references to "The Archives" that warlocks apparently spend years in doing research, and it's pretty simple, each class has its own area in the city that isn't "warlock/titan/hunter only" but has the respective guardian's feel to it. First, my favorite class, the warlocks, who have the archives, an expansive, labyrinthian library filled with tomes from the golden age, mysterious artifacts recovered from our enemies and the compiled knowledge newly gained about the world beyond the wall that is always changing. I envision the Archives as a massive tower built directly under the Traveler, or at least very close because we want to keep our gathered knowledge as safe as possible and the safest place we have is right under the Traveler. Inside, the Archives are a massive expanse of book shelves, hard drive storage mainframes, and artifact containment chambers. We would only be able to access a few areas connected by transmat systems. A majority of the structures would be made of marble or granite, with polished brass railing. Players would be able to go to the Archives to read their grimoirs with 3d models of enemies, weapons, armor, etc. All this information is stored on motherboards throughout the major structures of the city by our ghosts. As we fight new foes our ghosts record their biometrics, scan their equipment, and analyze their behavior, creating detailed accounts of everything we encounter outside the city. It is also here that Warlocks study ceaselessly the mysterious power of Light so that they may bend it in new ways, the lore of our enemies so that we may find new weaknesses in their strategy, and even the Traveler itself, so that we may help it in any way we can. It is also here that the brightest minds are chosen to be Warlock Mentors, those who have made an unprecedented discovery that not only helps the Warlock Order, but the city as a whole. Next, the apparent community favorite, the Hunters, who perch in the Wolf's Den, a structure built into the Wall itself, and where citizens of the city are trained to become expert marksmen to defend the city from direct attack while the main guardian force pushes the Darkness back. The Den would have a gritty feel to it. Since Hunters see any time not spent fighting, practicing, upgrading gear or scavenging as time wasted, the Den is filled with discarded weapons parts, armor plating, and pretty much anything else seen as not worth keeping. The Den houses a target practice corridor and a fully loaded Holo-Range, with full enemy specs so that users can practice against fully realized enemy holograms. Similar to the War Room from X-Men, but less forgiving for guardians, since we can't die, the holograms are fully lethal. This will allow guardians to get the hang of their newest toys. All of the specs for these holograms come from your ghost's compiled enemy data, as you fight new enemies you are able to fight holographic avatars of said enemies in the practice arena, and as your body count for each enemy race rises, you'll be able to fight through survival modes against rising enemy numbers. This is also where the deadliest and most steadfast of Hunters attempt The Trial by Fire. One Hunter most stand alone against the deadliest of our cataloged enemies; Fallen Archons and Servitors, Cabal Warlords, long dead Gods of the Hive, and Vex War Constructs in a hellish gauntlet that few have dared to face, and even less have achieved victory. The current Hunter Mentor has held his post for almost a century. And lastly, the Titans, who test their mettle in the Proving Grounds, an arena modeled after the coliseum of the ancient world. This structure would be built on the small mountain just to the large left off the spawning balcony in the tower. The Proving Grounds was built to facilitate a need, when normal people fight they might knock over a merchant stand or break a window, but when guardians get into a dispute, entire buildings could topple. Originally the Proving Grounds was an arena where titans pitted their strength against one another to see who was the fiersest warrior fit to lead all others. Now the Proving Grounds are used to show who amongst all guardians is the strongest, or even just to settle disputes of reputation and honor. (Basically it's a 1v1 dueling arena) The Grounds are made from stone resembling Vex structures, and is comprised of three main sections, the gladiator pits, the spectator stands, and the arena itself, which is filled with spent casings, blood stains, and dents in the floors and walls where one guardian proved they were stronger than their opponent. It was here that Lord Shaxx gained not only the privilege of overseeing the founding of the Crucible, but the right to stand tall and proud at its doors, and even Lord Saladin himself is challenged from time to time, though no one has ever been able to feed him defeat, not even once. The Crucible was even modeled after the Proving Grounds. Every Titan mentor since the collapse has been chosen here so that only the strongest, bravest, and most unrelenting Titans may mold their pupils into tireless walls of metal and flesh. So that's my idea for the 3 class areas. They would be accessible from the tower via the dock that ships regularly land on just behind the spawning area. This would give the city more flavor, and show that every guardian has a place to call their own besides the tower and give Destiny a feeling of life.

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