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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Some complaints

Let me start by saying that I played the Destiny Beta every day until it was over and I must say it was quite the fun, addictive experience. I'm looking forward to purchasing and playing the full game with my friends. However, in the several hours I poured into the beta I noticed a few things that irritated me and I believe irritated others as well. Let's take a look: - When swapping my special weapon (shotguns, sniper rifles. etc.) with another special weapon through the customizational menu, I was disappointed to find that the special ammo I collected was discarded, meaning I had to stock up on special ammo whenever I found a new gun, even if it was a direct upgrade from the one I just used. I have a feeling this might be intentional, but this doesn't happen to the primary weapons and I'm unsure whether it happens to the heavy weapons or does not. Regardless, because of this, I occasionally had to partake in the tedious task of refilling my special ammo after I had already done so. Take this into consideration. - Every time I made a new character and also whenever I replayed a story mission I was irritated by the absence of an option to skip a cutscene as well as the option to pause a cutscene. Having to sit through a cutscene I've already seen for the fifth time really bores me and takes me out of the mood to play the game. Alternatively, watching a cutscene for the first time and having a real life event occur that needs your attention ruins the cutscenes placement because to watch it again one would have to replay the mission. Take this into consideration. Those are my two major complaints, but here are some others that I've taken a dislike to: - Weapon stat descriptions, although understandable by me, seem too complicated with their wording for a game that a child or teenager could play. The purpose of a definition is to understand the material better, right? Think about making them more understandable. - The pulse rifle is too weak. I compared one to a scout rifle and automatic rifle of the same level and found that the pulse rifle wasn't even in the same league as the auto and scout rifles. - I found the multiplayer fun except for whenever someone activated their class super in a situation I could neither predict nor avoid. This isn't fun. If you can, perhaps you could tone down the supers in multiplayer by either making them more avoidable or decreasing their damage output. - I found several grammatically incorrect descriptions for skills in the skill menus. Of course, since the beta is over I can't give you a clear example but perhaps if you combed the skill descriptions more thoroughly you could correct some. - Iron hammers are pointless compared to scout rifles. I found an iron hammer and scout rifle at the same level and discovered that the impact was the same but the damages differed, making the scout rifle perform headshots and bodyshots better. Perhaps you could increase the impact on iron hammers to allow them to outperform the scout rifle in headshot damage. - Matchmaking didn't group players of similar levels, making it unbalanced. - When one invites a player to their fireteam, that invited player gets a "yes or no" option. I think if the same thing happened when you tried to join someone with a friends only or invite only fireteam it would allow more players to join random fireteams and have more fun. Take this into consideration. - There was no splitscreen, which made playing with my relatives and close friends less fun than it could be. - The difference in speed between the Titan and the Hunter was surprisingly small. I would've expected the Titan to have a con, but so far it seems the Warlock and the Hunter are the only classes who have weaknesses. The Titan is a speedy tank right now, perhaps you should make the class a normal tank to prevent all players from defaulting to it when the game is released. I hope someone at Bungie takes the time to read my criticism and hopefully implements some of it in the final game. I'm looking forward to the full release of Destiny and the many hours of enjoyment I'll gain from it. Thank you for your time.

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