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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Different Changes for Destiny

Ok so i had been talking with quite a few Beta testers in party chat in the tower before the beta shut down. A little over 60+ different players i wont say GT so nobody gets plagued with Live Messages and won't say Gender because i don't see why that would matter anyways. It surprised me just how much players really loved this game and how many suggestions they had, And all i had to do was ask hahaha. Anyways i have a large list of things that were wanted, I will post the % of how many wanted what etc so let's jump into it. #1 Beards, which is laughably the most sought after thing, yes literally 98% of of the players wanted beard options. #2 (this one is a multipart because they are similar) Rotating Character creation screen, Rotating Ship/Weapon/Sparrow etc screen, Players brought up changing characters because the hair style couldn't be seen from behind. 90% #3 A six player FireTeam for Explore it was brought up that some players have more than two friends. 65% #4 Proximity mic chat everywhere except pvp (no reason to let the other team hear what you're saying) around 73% #5 A world map, players mentioned getting lost a lot. 86% #6 Shaders for ships and sparrows, So you don't have to buy a new ship/sparrow because you don't like the color. 64% #7 Sparrow races, 30% #8 Pets, This was brought up a surprisingly large amount, It was suggested they could pick up ammo for you or just follow you around on the Tower. even the type of animal varied likes a wolf a dog a cat a bird even a ferret. 88% #9 Ship Space battles/dog fights. 53% #10 Buying Apartments in the Tower, And customizing said Apartments. 44% #11 if possible more players in Tower, 63% #12 A shooting Range in the Tower, 73% #13 Clan names under or next to your GT/PSN names, 62% #14 wear and tear on equipment, if even only cosmetic but was requested to have be cosmetic and repairable, Onle implemented in story, explore, and the tower not pvp. 55% #15 An appearance changer in Tower aka a hairdresser etc. 64% #16 Larger than 6vs6 pvp 8vs8 was suggested and 12vs12, I brought up the Fireteam size a few times when this was brought up but I still posted it because of how much it was brought up. 87% #17 A weapon/armor crafter so a player can craft their own weapons/armor this one wasn't brought up a lot. 33% #18 Larger ships for living in, like the apartment idea i guess just with your ship instead. 42% Now this was all Xbox360 players i don't have XboxONE to cheap and never owned PS3 and to cheap for PS4 but i imagine the ideas are shared across all platforms. So that's all for now hope this gets seen by the right people. Cheers ^_^

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