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Sony Appreciation?

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I'm creating this post to get feed back from my fellow PlayStation community members but also to hear some feed back from Xbox community members as well. Over the past two years things have changed rapidly on the PlayStation side of things. It felt that for years Sony leadership sat on their hands and chugged along doing the same old tried and true attempts to make PlayStation successful. Being a Japanese company i understand they have a culture that values tradition, but with the recent change of staff and infusion of new blood Sony has adapted tactics and definitively set a completely different tone for the brand as well as the PS4. The future seems bright and hopeful for the PlayStation community. In 2006 Sony was full of arrogance brought on by success of the PS2 when they launched the PS3. The relied solely on the fact that they had an extremely loyal fan base and assumed they would by whatever they brought forward. ($699 20gb not BC ps3) Sony definitely was humbled buy its experiences with the Ps3. This same curse the "Third Console curse" effected Microsoft this generation. Hopefully Microsoft won't suffer the same hardships Sony had to to learn their lesson. Here is the meat, I don't know about you but i love the changes Sony has made. I like how everything seems freer, more agile and flexible. I like that not only are they working with indie developers, they are finally reaching out to 3rd party developers too. After a generation of magnificent first party games like -Last of us/Uncharted from Naughty Dog (Sony Sub) -God of war from Santa Monica (Sony Dev Branch) -Infamous from Sucker Punch (Sony Sub) -Little Big Planet from Media Molecule (Sony Sub) -Killzone (2nd one was the best.) from Guerilla Games (Sony Sub) -Resistance (again 2nd one was the best) From insomniac -Gran turismo from Polyphony Digital (Sony Sub) -demon souls from software/ Atlus If you cant see the trend most of these are from Sony Subsidaries. I'm glad to see some fresh games and devs becoming apart of the playstation community. So fellow Sony Users, Xbox Users. What do you think? Do you think Sony's recent change is worthy of praise? Do you support what they're doing and what they plan to do?

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  • IMO OP and Ragnarok both deserve a "This" post. I was a hardcore PS2er for most of it's lifecycle. I only moved to Xbox 7th Gen because I bought a few games (PS2, Ironically) from a newly opened local game shop. They gave me some raffle tickets for a drawing for a 360 and I ended up winning. This birthed my love of Halo and a few friendships which naturally led me to the X1 (After policy changes) but I like both systems and would probably buy a PS4 if the cash was just lying around. I can't honestly say I dislike anything about PS other than the focus on Indies. I'm also jealous that they get From Software's new game. Doubly so because of my massive disappointment in Dark Souls II. So, yeah. Xboxer here. But I was sad when Tretton departed, and I know many PSers that were happy when Spencer rose to power. Weather they know it or not, both "sides" want the other to do good. Because then their side will have to match it. Believe me, As an Alaskan, I'm fully entrenched in the evils of the mentality of "Of course we're gonna cheat our customers, who's gonna stop us? lelz." It applies very heavily here to the very reason I'm posting this: Internet service. It's cool that they finally have a reason to see how awesome is, and I hope the best for all platforms.

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