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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Customization is KEY in Video Games

[Before I start here I just want to say in advance that I really do enjoy Destiny even the way it was in the beta. Every thing I say about it are just suggestions that I feel would make this game even more amazing!] When I play a video game that allows character creation I put my all into making the best custom character I possibly can. Maybe I want to make my character look the way I do in real life. Or maybe I want to model my character after a character from a movie, tv show, or other game. Or perhaps I just want to invent my very own look. The simple fact is character creation in destiny is very minimal. Although we are wearing a helmet most of the time I still want to have the uniqueness to my character. I also feel there are several other areas of the games that need more customization as well. The following s a list of things I think would be awesome if they were added to the game. Everyone please post any customization features that you can think of! [u]Character Creation[/u] [b]Hair[/b] - At very least we need some more variety in hair style/color. It would be cool if we had adjustable effects to each hair style like length. Also Hair color. We should be able to pick any color on the RGB color scale and choose hair brightness as well. [b]Face[/b] - This is huge. When everyone is running around with the same face I do not feel unique. We need a full fledged face editor just like most game out there already have. (Skyrim, Mass Effect, ESO, ect..) This should include the basics eyes, nose, mouth, ect... As well as other features such as tattoos, piercings, scars, and things related to the race you chose. [b]Body[/b] - While this is not as important we should at least have control of height (maybe breast size for female characters?? haha jk) [b]Voice and Personality[/b] - nuff' said [u]Ship Customization[/u] While I'm still hoping our ships will play a larger role than they do now, we definitely need some more customization here. When I heard you could have your own ship in Destiny I thought along the lines of Star Trek online or Galactic Civilizations ship creators. I do like how we can get new ships with the rarity system. It would be nice if we could take the base ship that we earned then change/upgrade it to our liking. [u]Other Customization[/u] [b]Controller schemes/mapping[/b] - We now are forced to use RB to melee and X to reload whether we like it or not. It would be great to have custom mapping or at least more preset control schemes. [b]Character Animations[/b] - I actually really like the dancing and all that. I just wish we had some more options rather than just 1 pose for each one. Such as different sitting postitions, more dances , ect... Maybe even the ability to capture custom dances with Kinect? on second thought maybe not on that one lol. Some people would abuse this... you know who you are.. I've probably missed some things so if you guys have anything to add please comment away! :)

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