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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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General Weapon Balancing Tweaks

After a considerable amount of thought on the subject, I've thought of a few simple changes to the weapons (the only category I feel comfortable mentioning changes for) that would give a sense of distinction to each weapon class. Firstly, the most minor of changes, the symbol used to signify Solar damage should look more like, well, a sun. Void damage is easily represented, and even Arc damage isn't as generic as a lightning bolt. Solar damage being shown by a generic fire symbol? Come on, Bungie, use that fantastic creativity of yours and get someone on that. Secondly, there are a few changes which are desperately required in the Primary weapon category, all easily remedied by a change in the damage model. --Critical Hit Multipliers-- -Auto Rifles: x1.5 -Pulse Rifles: x2 -Scout Rifles: x2 -Hand Cannons: x3 I believe most people would agree that auto rifles were arguably overpowered in comparison to the other primaries, in large part due to the combination of a high rate of fire, larger clip size, and respectable critical hit multiplier, often with a decent Impact. As a rule of thumb, I would let the auto rifles retain the trait of highest damage per clip, but have them take slightly longer to deal it out in comparison to the other choices. For the Pulse and Scout rifles (as sorry as I am for bringing up previous works) the BR and DMR from Halo easily compete with one another, making them a clear model to reflect. For the Hand Cannons, having both poorer clip size and effective range than their counterparts requires them to be capable of the highest DPS as compensation. They need to be a show of skill for the player wielding them instead of a "more reliable" weapon. That was the most in-depth thought process on behalf of the weapons. As far as the secondaries go, some form of a buff the shotguns would be nice, bolt-action sniper rifle animations would be a welcome addition to diversity, and can a man get some Fusion rifle penetration? All that, plus an ever-so-slight buff to the machine gun damage, and the addition of a grenade launcher for the Heavy slot, and I'd be happier than hooker who got a tip. Wrote all this on my phone (which took about as long as you'd expect) so I hope this post doesn't fall of the face of the earth. Loved the Beta, can't wait for release!

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