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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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User Interface and Assists

Despite having a very streamlined and usable User Interface, I can't help but notice minute issues while playing. They are annoying and rare, but still an issue. [u]Enemy Damage Feed:[/u] The first issue is the damage feed. Bungie has elected to show players the amount of damage dealt to give instant feedback for each shot. Whenever I'm exploring Old Russia, I love this feature since it lets me know when I'm critting an enemy or if certain parts are more vulnerable than others. While I'm playing in the Crucible, it can be a hindrance. [url][/url] While it is gratifying to see how much harm you are doing to other players, it does have a tendency to get in the way and cover up my enemies if they start to backpedal or pass in front of each other. This gets more frustrating when their ID's also cover their bodies making it slightly harder to track them. In the image I linked, I have my crosshairs over the other player's head, but I can hardly tell since there is so much stuff in the way. My suggested fix would be to have player character models layered over the damage feed and ID so that their character model is not covered. This feature would be disabled when a player uses a shotgun since individual pellets do individual damage. Some pellets will crit, others will hit the other player's body, or some will miss entirely. It's still helpful for players to adjust their aim and be more accurate. A secondary suggestion is changing the "shield" flare. Bungie has implemented a "shield" flare like in Halo 3 that makes a player flash when they are receiving damage giving players a back up to hit markers. The proposed change would be that the flare will be yellow instead of white when players are landing critically damaging shots. This is much more visible than yellow numbers that can get lost in a fountain of damage indicators. [u]Damage Feed:[/u] Like nearly all shooters nowadays, players are given a feed telling them from which direction they are receiving damage from. In Destiny, it's a 3-d system that has an arrow tracking on an ellipsis and it can be incredibly confusing. [url][/url] In the linked image, I'm taking damage and the arrow has appeared. This is where the issue begins. [url][/url] Nearly all modern shooters has a player's damage feed set up so that up indicates a player is taking damage from the front. This coincides with how most militaries tell direction by using a clock as an analog. 12 O' Clock is straight u, and for most militaries, 12 O' Clock means forward of the direction of travel or where a player is facing. [url][/url] In Destiny, it has been set up so that an arrow pointing up means behind you. This can be incredibly confusing if a player is flanked and begins to be shot from behind, especially if the enemy player is landing all of their shots so players can't see enemy bullets going past them. [url][/url] It would be greatly appreciated if this could be reversed for the final game to clear up confusion. [u][b]Assists:[/b][/u] I might seem greedy or whiny, but I can't help but get a little irritated whenever I'm shooting with another teammate, take out a large portion of an enemy player's health, only for my teammate to land a shot or two, taking the 100 points for the kill while I only get 50 points for an assist. Personal opinion, it would be nice if players recieved points equal to the percantage of health they dealt in an assist like in Battlefield. So if a player does 25% damage, they would recieve 25 points. If a player does 95% damage, they would recieve 95 points. The player that landed the killing shot would still get 100 points. It seems a litte more fair to me, but that is my personal opinion.

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  • They should implement some assist bonus that award players for doing most of the work... So many times I've seen players swoop in and get that kill from me... For a game with numbers at the end, it's not fair to the person that knocks 90% of the enemy's health only to see the kill + bonus points go to teammates... Battlefield had a nice solution for this, I would like to see something similar... It would change the scores with a slight boost in numbers, but in the end you feel rewarded for putting in the effort to getting those kills. And a rewarded player = a happy player

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