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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/28/2014 8:13:08 PM

Character Customization

Hey Bungie, I dearly enjoyed your Beta. I knew you could pull it off, since you are the masters of console shooters for me since the launch of Halo on Xbox. But now you got in the territory of... well lets call it "role play games". This is a magnificent approach and I love this idea, so I want to help you do it right. At first, you have to understand that role players LOVE their created characters. They spend hours of creating and leveling them and sometimes they just wander around the world, watching their character from different angles with the new shiny armor they just obtained after an intense battle, and they are feeling incredibly proud of themselves that no one in the world has a character like they do. This is why customization is so important, because you can't bond with a character when something deeply annoyes you or you want it redone or fixed. So, here are my first thoughts about improving your game: 1. Please include a function to redo your characters looks in the game. even if it costs 1000 glims or so, It'll be worth it for me. When I created my Warlock, I spend an hour or so just getting the looks right but when I finally saw him in the game, he didn't quite appeal to me as I expected. So I did it again and played the first mission again and when I saw the second attempt finally in the tower it wasn't quite fulfilling either. But then I said, f**k it, I wanna play. But what is, if I wanna have another Haircut after 30 hours? Please, give me the chance to let my character look how I want it and dont lock me in on things forever. 2. Beards. Nuff said. Also the haircuts for men are a joke. really. Who did those? 3. When I am in the inventory or in the character creation screen looking at something, I always wanna rotate it. Always. I am thinking about buying a new space ship for a huge ammount of money?!? Let me f**king rotate that thing and let me see, how it looks from the rear. That is important to me. In the character creation, I want to rotate my character. I want to zoom in and out and see, what it looks like from different angles. 4. Let me customize my gestures. All my characters are human, because the other races didn't really do it for me. I thought they had no soul and I couldn't really bond with them. So, my Titan is a cool drilled seargent badass type of guy and my hunter is a white-hair, red-lips Samus Aran lookalike frosty Killer. But as they are human, they both just wave their arms like idiots. This is killing me. I want my Titan seargent to salute properly and my Samus Aran to do the elegant courtsy thing, right before she bursts into flames and kickes ass. So for the love of god, gimme more emotes and let me customize them as I want my character to behave. This gives them a more profound personality and me more reason to be proud of the little devil I made. Picture your own character as a doll (or for the guys out there who don't want to be caught playing with dolls, lets call it "action figure") you created and you want to play with. It is yours, you are proud of it and you want to make it special. when you get this thought, more ideas to customize your character and truly make it your own will come by themselves. 5. Let me colour my gear how I want it. I want people to reckon me from miles. 6. A function to get into third person view and take off the helmet while enjoying the sunset on a cliff in old russia would be nice. And while we're at it, what about a Photo mode? I wanna send "Greetings from Old Russia" postcards with my fire team all helmets off, stupidly waving at the camera. 7. Let us double jump in the tower. I mean, you haven't put a lot of effort in creating the tower as a living breathing memorable place full of interesting things to discover and I am not expecting you to do that (though it would be awesome), but then at least let me double jump and float a little, just for the little heck of it. Only with the magic of double jumping it wouldnt be such a dull place. These are my first thoughts at your beta. You truly are the masters of intense and defined shooting mechanics and I know you invented the always repeating but always different thrilling 30 second-battles, so I can barely give you advice on this. God, I wish a GTA game would work as defined and thrilling as Destiny or Halo do. But I beg you to not forget the meta game, the stupid little things, that bring life to the world or just make a little fun to discover and screw around with. A mini game here, a barbour shop with a goofy robot there, a lonely strange old guy hidden in the wild, begging for help and asking you to do some stuff for him instead of an always the same green blinking light. Fill the world with life and love and I dont need another franchise no more. Love and best wishes from Germany

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