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Size of the game (with source)

All right guys, I have been waiting to post this, but last night DeeJ confirmed, that there will be 1 explorable location per planet and this basically also confirmed, that the following source is realible: (edit: the creator of the website asked me to write that the info is from 30.June) [u][b]I browsed this website a lot and realized how endgame content is going to work. To sum it up:[/b][/u] [b]Before you read on: this may or may not be how the final product is going to look like. It is just a speculation based on the website mentioned above. I do not want to convince you about anything, but I'm sure if you browse that site you will come to a similar conclusion. Beware, this may contain spoilers!!! [/b] - 4 explorable locations (Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus) - 6 strikes (1 Earth, 1 Moon, 2 Mars, 2 Venus. However one of the Mars strike is PS exclusive.) - 1 raid (The Vault of Glass) - 16 pvp maps It's already been told, that we are going to hit lvl 20 quickly. So what happens after this? We are going to have the possibility to run a random strike (accessible from the orbit) on a higher level: -lvl18 -lvl20 -lvl22 -lvl24 For example the Devil's Lair is going to be there on those difficulties. But how can you achieve a level over 20? It is well documented, that you can get to lvl 20 by collecting XP. In order to gain additional levels, you need to obtain gear with [b]"light stat" [/b] . Light gives you additional level. So, what you are going to do, when you hit 20? You will go to lvl 20 strikes to get gear with light. I suspect, that the strikes and rewards will be scaled, so that you have to spend a lot of time on a level in order to get access to the next one. What happens, when you hit lvl 24 and finished farming all the high level strikes? [b]You go to weekly strikes[/b] This means, that every week there is going to be a strike on an even higher level. -lvl24 -lvl26 -lvl28 For example Devil's Lair is going to be this strike from 09.sept. - 16.sept. And so on. This mode is called: [b]Nightfall[/b] After you cleared all the weekly strikes you go to the Vault of Glass. It will be on lvl27, lvl31 and lvl31. EDIT_1: I also found something called "Activity Power" associated to every activity on that website. I think it's the true scale of difficulty of each activity. For example: lvl 8 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 0,37 lvl 20 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 8 lvl 24 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 53 lvl 28 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 98 lvl 31 - Vault of Glass = Activity Power 132 This will take time Guardians! EDIT_2: Meanwhile basically the same Information appeared on Destiny Reddit:

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