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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/28/2014 8:29:11 AM

opinions on destiny beta

hey! this is my review of the destiny beta stating what i think should be tweaked,added,later dlc my thoughts on destiny in general and so on. (please note that all of this is my opinion and not me stating a fact, so try not to go all rage on meh if i said something wrong). first of all i think i should state that i haven't played all of bungies games but some of the most popular like marathon and of course halo. destiny in general story the story of destiny isn't so much of a suck you into it story to be honest but the story is ok, its not so confusing just not much thought put into it.but don't get me wrong it is enjoyable and its really a game that should have been made years ago. going to real planets and fighting aliens seems like a pretty easy to think of idea. gameplay other than the story the gameplay is really where its at, like seriously, when you killed someone from the fallen or hive you actually felt special and the fact that your basically defending the galaxy from aliens makes you really feel like the hero (even though there are also a bunch of other guardians chucking you a big purple ball to play with)there are loads of weapons to choose from and it just feels awesome picking up an item from an alien and just cant wait to get to the tower to find out what it is.fighting the fallen and the hive are just plain awesome and for some reason the remind me a lot of the aliens of marathon (which is a good thing), the hive are the best out of all in my opinion i actually missed out on the moon mission and when i get the game BANG,ZOOM, STRAIGHT TO THE MOON! and be gunning down hive for the rest of my life. tweaks surprisingly the beta had a lot less bugs than i thought and a lot of weapons were alright. the only bug i can think of is sometimes when you kill an enemy (mainly headshots) the body will stay where it was standing and wont drop to the ground, as for weapons and vehicles i know you guys are well away of the overpowered vehicles so i think the damage of the handguns should be increased.I also along with a lot of other people think the ghost flashlight should be a toggle feature, sometimes there will be places you cant see anything but the flashlight doesn't come on, you can probably make the command, select and somewhere on d-pad. additions ghost upgrades: i absolutely love the ghost and cant wait to get him in red on the 9th but i would like him to have extra upgrades, i'm not sure what but maybe do something like the toggle flashlight enemy specific gear and guns: keep in mind i obviously don't know what ill be getting in the full game but i would like to have some fallen style gear on me and also hive style gear too and also guns from them lighter human skin tones: the human skin tones are mostly dark in that game and i have sort of a pale skin tone so i would like some lighter skin colors extra exo options: more heads for them would be awesome,and also i would like to see a secondary color option for them since the game automatically chooses what secondary with the primary color future dlc:for one thing i cant wait for the expansion packs coming to destiny and of course, especially the dark below because its got a thrall head on it so we can tell its a hive dlc . i was wandering for future dlc we can go to the pfhor planet from marathon, because the game reminded me a lot of marathon i decided to play it before the beta and when i looked around the pfhor planet i remember how beautiful it looked with that purple glow to it (even if it was 2d and very pixally) if you can only do real time planets it would be cool to see pluto, a small area map with vex (if that is the name of the robots in this game) trying to kill you and they have like little frozen decals on them too. well those are my thoughts for destiny hope you guys can think about what could be added on it, the beta was a blast, i couldn't get off it, it took me ages to get slightly bored of doing the same thing over and over again. good luck with destiny bungie. I think its gonna rock!

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