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Size of the game (with source)

All right guys, I have been waiting to post this, but last night DeeJ confirmed, that there will be 1 explorable location per planet and this basically also confirmed, that the following source is realible: (edit: the creator of the website asked me to write that the info is from 30.June) [u][b]I browsed this website a lot and realized how endgame content is going to work. To sum it up:[/b][/u] [b]Before you read on: this may or may not be how the final product is going to look like. It is just a speculation based on the website mentioned above. I do not want to convince you about anything, but I'm sure if you browse that site you will come to a similar conclusion. Beware, this may contain spoilers!!! [/b] - 4 explorable locations (Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus) - 6 strikes (1 Earth, 1 Moon, 2 Mars, 2 Venus. However one of the Mars strike is PS exclusive.) - 1 raid (The Vault of Glass) - 16 pvp maps It's already been told, that we are going to hit lvl 20 quickly. So what happens after this? We are going to have the possibility to run a random strike (accessible from the orbit) on a higher level: -lvl18 -lvl20 -lvl22 -lvl24 For example the Devil's Lair is going to be there on those difficulties. But how can you achieve a level over 20? It is well documented, that you can get to lvl 20 by collecting XP. In order to gain additional levels, you need to obtain gear with [b]"light stat" [/b] . Light gives you additional level. So, what you are going to do, when you hit 20? You will go to lvl 20 strikes to get gear with light. I suspect, that the strikes and rewards will be scaled, so that you have to spend a lot of time on a level in order to get access to the next one. What happens, when you hit lvl 24 and finished farming all the high level strikes? [b]You go to weekly strikes[/b] This means, that every week there is going to be a strike on an even higher level. -lvl24 -lvl26 -lvl28 For example Devil's Lair is going to be this strike from 09.sept. - 16.sept. And so on. This mode is called: [b]Nightfall[/b] After you cleared all the weekly strikes you go to the Vault of Glass. It will be on lvl27, lvl31 and lvl31. EDIT_1: I also found something called "Activity Power" associated to every activity on that website. I think it's the true scale of difficulty of each activity. For example: lvl 8 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 0,37 lvl 20 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 8 lvl 24 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 53 lvl 28 - Devil's Lair = Activity Power 98 lvl 31 - Vault of Glass = Activity Power 132 This will take time Guardians! EDIT_2: Meanwhile basically the same Information appeared on Destiny Reddit:

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    Love how everybody keeps speculating this, we got less then 10% of the final product. Why is everybody under the assumption that the only other places in Old Russia we couldn't get to where blocked off by ??? Enemies. There were at least 20-30 doors an walkways that are blocked by the Darkness/Black Smoke. Because they were areas we had to walk through to complete Missons so they couldn't stick ??? Enemies there. Counted at least another 10 that had out of place objects or just straight up fancy doors beckoning your name, that were blocked. An that's just what I personally had paid attention to an came across, I mainly played PVP I don't think we even got a quarter of Old Russia , an most of this OP should not be taken as confirmed. There is an image from E3 of Venus showing 7 Missions, 2 raids so that throws this post's credibility out the window already. Look at other RPG's an open world games, you don't start out with millions of points on the map, you start with 1-4 an it grows as you play. You also spend lot of time traveling back to old locations for different quest. Once your past your preliminary trials so to speak an your in the thick of games like that, your map is so full of quests an icons sometimes you don't know what to do next. The possibilities are endless with this game being a Scifi title. An even if it's just a tad bit more then what's on the list, name something that has been this fun an thrilling in the past 3 years. Because I can't name 1, an it was just a beta.

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