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7/27/2014 10:21:34 PM

I'm actually very disappointed

Disclaimer: Before I go into detail as to why I am disappointed, I would like to point out that Destiny is a very fun game. I have had more fun playing the alpha and the beta than I have in any game for years. It is a world I want to get lost in, to explore it's secrets and I will still buy the game when it releases, and the expansions as well. But I am disappointed by the hype that Bungie has been feeding into this game since it's unveiling at E3 2013. I've been following Destiny ever since this point. I remember when Bungie told us that any place we could see, we could go to. This led me to believe that Destiny's location would be massive, giant places. Comparable to play spaces like Skyrim. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I was hyped too much. But when I entered Old Russia for the first time, and found out that if I tried to go to that mountain in the distance, the same one Bungie told me I could explore back in 2013, that I would hit an invisible wall and fall into a death zone I was disappointed. The play spaces in Destiny disappoint me. Old Russia feels bland and uninteresting, and it is quite small. Nearly all of the caves are carbon copies of each other and not much exploration can be done, as there are the main focal point of each area, the Skywatch Building, the boats in Forgotten Shore, but there isn't any point to try and explore the small copied caves littering the playspace except to find an occasional respawning chest. The only places in Old Russia that are of any interest to explore are the areas the story funnels you into, the places you are supposed to go. Bunker RAS-2 and The Grottos I guarantee are going to part of the story somehow. My point is, Explore mode should be renamed to Farm mode, because you don't go into the caves to explore them, because they are too small, you go into that mode to farm glimmer and loot. Exploring in Destiny is not what I expected it to be, not in the least. I did enjoy the Moon though. Even if the above ground space was extremely small, the underground space in Hellmouth was quite large for a single place, with at least 3 or so places blocked off inside. The Moon is interesting, so interesting. But it suffers from the same problem as Old Russia, copied caves and really the only place to explore is Hellmouth. I was met with invisible walls and death screens time and time again, trying to go and truly explore the moon. Also, from the ViDoc Pathways into Darkness, Bungie showed gameplay footage of a place on Earth that was not Old Russia. The color palette was different and it was littered with pine trees, it looked quite similar to the type of area the pvp map Rusted Lands is in, which would lead me to believe it is in the Eastern Flood Zone. However with the recent revelation that at launch each planet will only have one explorable zone, it looks like we will have to wait until an expansion comes to be able to "Explore" this area. This also disappoints me because it leads me to believe that there is more content, done and finished, but Bungie/Activision won't put into the "finished" game. It makes me feel that the large living world of Destiny will have to be paid for with several post launch expansions. But I feel like all of this extra content should have and could have been put into the released version. But knowing Activision, I don't know why I expected anything different. I understand that things change during the developmental process of games, but if Bungie had kept its promise of a large, explorable, living world of Destiny, where players could go as far as the eye could see, a truly massive gameplay experience, I would not have cared if Destiny was delayed until 2016, hell I wouldn't have cared if Destiny was delayed until they finished it, however long that took. Instead we get a very fun game, but one that fails to deliver on what it promised to be, groundbreaking.

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