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7/27/2014 9:55:16 PM


During the beta, I bought more spaceships than I needed. I don't know why I just saw a spaceship and was all "ooh fancy looking spaceship!" Then bought it. However, no matter how many spaceships I bought, none did anything other than purely look cool. So, I have a preposition! I think that if when traveling between planets, sometimes you and your fire team would randomly be thrown into a space battle similar to something like Starfox. This means you'd travel on a rail path where you can move around and barrel roll and things like that. The main game I thought of when thinking about this idea was Ratchet and Clank: Toold of Destruction. The space battles are random (I believe) and happen when you are traveling to a different planet. You fly around the planet and destroy little ships as you go, fighting a mini boss at the end. For Destiny I feel like the mini boss would be a bit out of place. I also realized another problem with this, however. Destiny is a game that focuses on [i]exploration.[/i] Therefore a rail path where you can't choose where you go could upset some players. An alternative could be a space fight similar to the level in Halo: Reach, where you can freely control a spaceship with in the confines of the battlefield. Plus I feel like that would be easier for Bungie, since they made Halo: Reach and wouldn't need to reprogram much. Please leave thoughts in the comments, I wanna hear what you think about these ideas!
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