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Mission preferences in the Roster...

Yes, "Mission Preferences" in the "Roster" screen will make it easier to know who's interested in doing the same mission as you are, so you can send a "Fireteam request" to the right people. What that means is in the "Roster" screen you can highlight yourself and select an option for "Set mission preference". Unless you set it to a specific Mission you're interested in doing, then it'll just show the mission you're currently doing, or it'll show the last mission you did if you haven't started a new one yet. Just my suggestion since I can understand why Bungie might not want "Proximity Chat". If it's "Voice Proximity chat" then it would be cool but just imagine all the random conversations you'd encounter just running to buy some armor. Anyway, just make the game better and I'll see ya at Launch. (I may have some more suggestions later) Update 1.1 - Also, Bungie, You could add "Chat Parties". It could be initiated by highlighting someone in the "Roster" Screen and send a "Chat Party Request". If they except then the two of you have a "Chat party". Even the option to add others in the "Chat party". At any point you can end the "Chat party" and if the person sends another request but you don't want to talk then highlight them and select an option to "Ignore requests". "Chat Parties" would only be optional for those without a Fireteam. With no typing and all voice this would change the game for MMO social interactions. This would be useful since the MMO aspect of Destiny encourages Social interactions, but you want to keep it on a controlled basis, so no one will get overwhelmed with unwanted conversation while strolling through the Tower (or any other social location). I think this could solve the problem for people that want to socialize and those that don't want to. You could even have something called "Quick Messages", so you can communicate outside of Social locations. You'd highlight the person in the Roster Screen and select "Quick Message" and send a 10 second audio to the person like, "Don't go in there, lvl 20's" or "Where'd you get that gun?" Something like that. Again, these are just suggestions. Update 1.2 - Or you could just have "Proximity Chat" in the Mission Zones and "Chat Parties" in the Safe/Social Zones since going to a Menu and selecting someone and sending a "Quick Message" could be a lot to do with respawning enemies around it might be better to be able to call out that warning with Proximity Chat and get an immediate response. Fireteams would have the added bonus of all Fireteam members getting EXP for all Fireteam kills where as two people fighting together but not in a fireteam only get exp for their own kills. This will encourage people to use the Fireteams and not just run around using Proximity Chat but fighting the same enemies. Proximity Chat would then become a tool to help communicate and even help build Fireteams but not replace them. That's all for now. Lol.

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