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7/20/2014 4:21:22 PM

The insane grind for drops takes the fun out of Destiny

Destiny is a game with a lot of focus on the late game and level 20+ gear. It have almost been designed as a huge grind to keep people playing to get just "that sweet gear" they want. However with this brings some issues, I and many others have issues with the extreme random gear drops. I've played the Beta for many hours at this moment grinding away to get an Uncommon assault rifle, since that is what I basically can play with since i'm not good with aim, pulse rifles are bad, and well that leaves auto rifles. I finally got my first Uncommon AR but that wasn't until I've played the game and been grinding mobs and engrams in skywatch for ~15 hrs @ lvl 8. Which is INSANE! In the mean time I've got 10+ uncommon heavy weapons, 5+ uncommon specials, and ~15 other uncommons. The super randomness of the drops have to be looked over at this time it is too random, this includes the uncommon engrams you can buy at the cryptarch. Just selecting "primary weapon" is not enough, should be divided into weapon types as well(!) I've gotten all types of guns from him at uncommon EXCEPT an assault rifle. This type of grind fest is in all aspects of the game (vangaurd and crucible points is an INSANE grid as well) is just too much for someone who is a student, has a job and has other things in real life that have to been taken care of (everyone is not 14 and live at home with no responsibilities). All in all it does take the fun out of the game. To have a decent weapon is the main thing in an FPS I should not have to grind 15+ hrs just to get an uncommon @ lvl 8!

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  • Are you playing as a Warlock? The Warlock seems to have a horrendous time getting uncommon ARs, something which hurts badly in the Iron Banner matches, where every man and his dog is wielding a full auto rifle. I've had endless uncommon armour pieces, pulse rifles, fusion rifles, heavy weapons and several scout rifles dropped. But only 1 AR and 1 shotgun. Drop tables need to be addressed or at least the all encompassing nature of the AR vs the Pulse Rifle and Scout rifles should have a look taken at them. Namely the recoil when players use the AR and simply spray and pray (the auto aim is mainly at fault here) , there's nothing wrong with flexibility, but some of them, the recoil is minimal and combined with the rate of fire and silly lvls of auto aim, all one has to do is aim in the general direction and hold the trigger.

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