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Game theory: How Destiny is the prequel of the Halo universe

[b]First of all, this is not a "Serious" theory, i just was in the tower looking at the Traveler and came up with a story that could connect both universes, just something funny to think about. The premise for this theory is the "Precursors" from Halo universe had the ability to "Accelerate" the evolution of intelligent life and where considered as "Guardians" of the galaxies.[/b] The precursors were a great empire, a healthy nation and outstanding explorers of the universe, untill they found a unexpected threat. This new enemy suddenly started to destroy their cities and colonize their planets, this enemy will be what we call "Darkness" in Destiny. As the war against this threat developed, Precursors noticed that they weren't enough to fight this army that was flooding their planets. So, in a desperate attemp of destroying this threat, they create a new kind of weapon, a biological weapon, one that could flood that enemy. They quickly created the bacteriums that eventually will evolve into this "Flood" new race, but they were just not enough precursors left to defend and incuvate it in time, so they created a gigantic incuvator, where this new life forms will have the time and proteccion to fully evolve into the new threat they need to confront their enemies. They send this incuvator through the space, with the orders of finding a new race that will serve as "Protection" in first place, while it incuvates the Flood, and as "Food" in second place. This thing finds humans, and they call it "The traveler". The traveler helps them to get the technology levels to be able to protect it and its cargo, which is not enough to avoid the Darkness to take over them and run them near to extinction, so the traveler creates the Guardians, beings that will use the power of the Precursors in order to defend it untill the flood is prepared. The humans will combat the Darkness, driving both sides in a war that will finish with the human side winning, or at least very close to it. By then, the flood will be completed, and it will start getting their first food from human beings. Scared and confused, the humans will start the scape from the flood, liderated by the guardians, who feel responsible by all this chaos they, somehow, permitted to happen. Humans will travel through the galaxy for centuries, untill they find the "Forerunners", and you know the rest of the story, the war the will happen will drive both sides to near extinction, because of the "Guardians" power and the Forerunners technology. [i]I'm not a die hard knower of the "Halo" lore, so anything that you know that could support or dismiss this theory, please share it with me, and have fun :)[/i]

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