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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Just my thoughts

My fiance drew fanart of Lord Shaxx so you can have this too I guess. Hey Bungie and friends. This is my first post here on the forums, but I've been a fan of Bungie since Oni came out and I've played every Halo. I really wanted to post during Beta of Halo games, but sadly forgot to every time. I played the alpha and got a few days in with the beta since launch, plan to be there for the moon mission later today too. But some suggestions and otherwise, because that's what I'm supposed to do, as it's a beta. Anyway: First, loot pickups are too hard to see, way too hard, there should be a sound or something when it drops because I don't want to miss out on rare/better loot just because I couldn't see it. Some ARPGs have a button that highlight drops with a name (usually the alt key on those games), maybe the ghost can do that if you press the touch-pad button? Or better yet do tilted square icons like with the beacons but have them smaller and the color of rarity. Just an idea. Another thing with the visuals, the white in the HUD is really really hard to see, most of the time I barely notice that I'm shielded, picked something up or the last guardian standing as it's too out of the way and too white. The sound effect for item pickup is the only indication I have most of the time. It just blends in too much. It's not the bright blue that in Halo even stuck out in blue environments (in the earlier games had a background to it even which I miss). The HUD's gotten me killed a few times and doesn't let me play as reckless as I'd like when everyone is up as I don't know when they're going down. As a Striker Titan I'd like to take some calculated aggressive risks. That as well as being an MMO, why don't I have health bars for my teammates on screen on the side somewhere? Again, the HUD is too out of the way, even though I appreciate what it's trying to do. Maybe an option for some of this stuff if you feel like it'd be too cluttered for some players. This is my largest issue with the game at present honestly as everything else comes together nicely. I feel like the option to switch to a third person view is my impossible dream, as I felt with Halo, and I have no idea how much work that requires. I'd love to actually see myself kicking ass. I can see why this wouldn't be implemented, but it's what I want most. I feel like you would handle it very well. Holding buttons to confirm stuff is probably about one or two seconds too long, and in arbitrary places that are kind of annoying, like summoning the Sparrow or hitting continue after an adventure ends. (Probably the most petty thing I have to say.) Fireteams are barely too small. I have at least 5 friends who are getting the game, who I play League of Legends with all the time. (5 of us in a team that is sometimes 4 with a random guy) I realize a 6 person party for every single quest is asking too much, but why a strange number like 3? I know there's tons of people who say they want 4-6 people fireteams and I'm among them. Supers in PvP are awesome, don't change them. I love entering a room and killing three people because my Super is up, so gratifying. It allows me to choose between using it on that one guy who's womping on my team with little risk or to be the guy who's womping on the other team, so the fact that everyone has a room-clearing Super is actually really balanced and I'm surprised it works. I don't like the Hunter's Super way too much because of the whole golden gun thing, but I think that's a style choice and the functionality itself is fine. --The sparrow in PvP was also such a nice surprise, I really didn't think that'd be in there at all. Gun variety seems kind of small, I have a feeling there's going to be more weapon variety down the road, but I'd like to see more weapon types. Seems lacking somehow, maybe I'm just tired of the same 4 gun types, with the hand-cannon not being my cup of tea at all. The weapon upgrades are pretty sweet but I'm wondering how they affect PvP. Level 4's just entering PvP might get destroyed by a lot of 20+ players after the 20s get their weapon locked, and that's a concern, I'm sure you're aware of that though. Why you can't pick your subclass when you start is kind of odd, and still get your second at level 15, although I have to say I probably would've gone Defender and not even looked at Striker at all if I had the choice, but Striker suits how I play very well so we'll see if Defender complements how I play or is just too bent on sitting in one spot. I'd love to see what Bladedancer has to offer because I don't really like Gunslinger way too much. Maybe there's a good reason for this down the road, but I'd have to see it. In all seriousness and before anyone bashes me just because they can, I love what's being done with this game and I really appreciate the void it's filling. The game is releasing at just the right time in the year to make a huge impact and I'd really love something that was as huge as Halo to play again. I really like your game design, it's a really intelligent way to go about things most of the time. TL;DR, your UI is too translucent. I like Bungie, thanks for making games for me to buy.

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