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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Comprehensive Voice Chat:Removing the Systems That Keep Destiny From Truly Being Social Game

I want to start off by saying that I'm immensely enjoying the game and thank you for the ability to provide feedback for a better game experience come launch. However, there is currently a serious issue preventing from being excited for this game and running down to Gamestop to put the remaining money on my preorder. How can that be when I mentioned in the sentence above that I am enjoying the game? Let me explain. In terms of gameplay/gunplay, art direction/graphics, story/lore, and PvP this game is amazing. I can't congratulate you enough on the game you've created. However, its in the social aspects of the game where you guys utterly fail. With the current systems in place, I can't think of a multiplayer/coop/mmo-hybrid that is so antisocial and anti-teamwork. IMO the lack of voice chat is a real blow to the great game that you guys have developed. It makes the story/exploration/Tower feel lifeless and breaks any sort of immersion when I can't even speak to other Guardians out in the world or in the Tower. The Crucible is almost a joke without any sort of voice communication and I'm tired of yelling "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU", but forget that no one can even hear what I'm saying. "Just invite them to a fireteam" you might say. You mean those things that are a pain in the @#$ to navigate and everyone ignores. To keep this short I'm just gonna list my suggestions to improve the social aspects of Destiny: 1. Team chat in the Crucible and Strikes. Kind of a no brainer and it is really confusing why this is not in the game. Communication and coordination is crucial and anything less than voice chat is a mistake. 1a. Also chat only for fireteams seems a little redundant when those who play together are usually in party chat anyways. 2. Some sort of proximity chat for the Tower and Exploration/Story mode. Make it easily mutable and the distance really short so that it can only really be used to ask if someone wants to be invited to a fireteam or if they are standing around close to each other in the Tower just talking. 3. Make the voice chat settings easy to find and use. Give people who want PvP/Strike chat but not proximity the option or vice versa. Let those who want no chat at all the option and also those who want it all the optional. Let the player make it how they want to play and don't make it for us Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you guys will consider my suggestions. And to those who like the voice chat system the way it is and don't want it to change please be considerate and remember that you can still be able to play the way you want with the added bonus that me and others will be able to play the way we want. :)

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