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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Group Post - Things We Would Like to See in Final Game

All and all I am loving this game, as a former WOW nerd I love the RPG/Gear aspects. As a MAJOR halo fan I love the FPS gameplay (Sorry to bring up HALO) But here are a few things that I would really love to see in the final release or in updates shortly after. I know some of the things I listed have been brought up already but I'm hoping that by organizing the ideas into 1 easy to read post it might attract a bit more attention. I found many people with the same thoughts so I've added their post to this one. [b]1. Fix Party Chat[/b] We need to be able to talk to fire teams, strike teams and PVP teams. Without it how can the game be social. (Keeping the party window up to talk is a glich and I understand that) Also Voice options to allow voice over speakers or headset or both. on the 360 you can do this in the xbox settings however the xb1 does not allow this so the game should have setting like this. Other Post found here: IKnightsI - - Xbox one party bug Dave - - crucible voice chat [b]2. Trade between players? [/b] Unless there is a good reason not to allow this it would be a great way to add to the RPG aspect. Many times I pick up a weapon that my buddy could use or likes better. He always gets the drops I need. Would be great to be able to trade these items. Other Post found here: Nefylim - - Trade, Auction House and Races on Destiny ManrajGhuman - - how about adding a trade system in the tower. [b]3. Chat window or chat ability[/b] Some kind of chat window or chat ability between chars in town and on the field. Many times I've seen someone running by and I wanted to ask them to explore/ quest with me. Its a pain to type out an xbox message after digging through the menu and pulling up their profile. [b]4. Join Player/Friend and Other Player Options[/b] Many times in the trailers we saw a friend just POOF and appear next to another player. Where is this in the game now? If I click on my friend I have very limited options. If I invite him to my fireteam he gets ported to Orbit then must run through the lvl to catch up to me. I don't have the option to join him/her and even when I go to their location I can't see them because there is only 16 per tower. Other Post found here: SolidCM - - Raise the Tower player cap. 16 is too low! [b]5. More Weps / Gear and equipping of 2 reg weps[/b] Looking at the vendors and at what gear ive collected I notice that the selection is VERY limited, maybe this is just a beta thing but if not im worried. Also the ability to equip 2 standard weps instead of a special might be nice or even a button combo to swap primary. sometimes in need the single shot semi auto sometimes I want the full auto all in the same fight. so way of swapping these without going into the inventory would be helpful [b]6. Upgrading[/b] I love the abilities and gear upgrades however I feel like we have no options as far as what we want to upgrade. instead of upgrading along a set path let us choose what we want to upgrade. Award us points that we can spend to upgrade Skills and weps. [b]7. Boss Fights[/b] They are too easy yet way to long. I don't die because I mess up, I die because I get sick if shooting a spider leg for 10minutes. I end up running up and trying to punch him or something to get some fun out of the endless "battle" I understand that this is beta but Im worried that these fights will continue through the game and get old REALLY fast. Also more time after the end of the lvl to look for loot would be nice, getting ported out after 30sec and having to rush around is a pain. this could be solved by #8 below [b]8. Loot[/b] After a mob or boss dies its difficult to find the loot that has been dropped. in D3 they highlight better items so you don't miss them. maybe some system like this could be implemented or a loot box drops after a boss fight so you know where to go in the 30sec you have before getting ported. Other Post found here: trickster245 - - Dropped loot needs to be more noticeable FIankR - - Weapon Drops Hard To See/Fix [b]9. Map or Map Overlay[/b] having some sort of map while exploring would be GREAT, when you port in it could be blank and as you move forward through the lvl have it clear up so you can see where you have been. in areas that you have already cleared the map would be available so you can get to where you want to go without having to remember all the landmarks and low lvl mobs. Other Post found here: FuryKn16ht - - Basic Map in Explore [b]10. More Public Events[/b] The onetime I've joined one of these fights it was a blast. Didn't take forever and it was challenging. having more of these would be great. Maybe this is something that will be more of in the full game but I've only see the event one time. MORE!!! Other Post found here: Tillywilly - - more public events [b]11. Story Line[/b] Knowing what is going on would make the game a lot more interesting. The short little intro really gets the mind going but I was left asking "why am I fighting these things?" "what does this faction have to do with my and this city?" Titan Fall is another game I enjoy playing but one of the biggest complaints about the game is the lack of a story. you play through the game never knowing what's going on. Just shoot and kill. I would hate to see this game the same way. (I know its beta so maybe there is more that we are just not seeing) [b]12. More Controller Configs[/b] Many games allow the use of the B button as melee and [Pressing Right Thumb] as crouch. I cant seem to get this same config in destiny. Some more controller configs would be a great way to move from other shooters to destiny! Thanks for taking the time to read this and giving us a platform to share our ideas. I hope you consider some of the thoughts that many of us share. SG TAGEM [b]Other Post with similar ideas and thoughts are found below[/b] FuryKn16ht - TrueReclaimer - - Top 10
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