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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/25/2014 5:49:45 PM

My 9 points of Feedback thus far

1. [u][b]Auto rifle nerf[/b][/u]: After playing around with primary rifles, the Auto rifle is definitely too strong at the moment. It's damage and effective range seem too high compared to others. The pulse rifle seemed the least effective, but that could be my play style. Had fewer kills/precision shots per mag than other guns, thus reloading during firefights more than usual. 2. [b][u]Interceptor nerf[/u][/b]: though I don't think it's as bad as some people imply, I still think it needs a nerf. The Interceptor seems too mobile. It's decent turning speed makes it difficult to dodge even when the driver is out of position, he can still recover easily. It's rate of fire may also need a slight nerf. 3. [b][u]Lack of diversity[/u][/b]: Though this may change with full release, I find very little difference between weapons of the similar class (i.e. LMGs, auto rifles, etc.) in their ability trees. There seems to be similar abilities and add-ons for most weapons mostly because there is not a lot of abilities at the moment. Same seems to go with legendary weapons. Again this may change at release though. I hope there is a much more distinct difference between weapons--i.e. change bullet effects to ice to slow enemies or fire to light them up. Or LMG's that may fire 2 rounds at once but with decrease accuracy and those bullets are on fire, etc, etc...Anything that maybe fun. This may take a page from Borderlands a bit, but nothing wrong with that imo. It's always possible to balance things. 4. [b][u]More interactive AI[/u][/b]: One thread noted this and I have to agree. AI is a little boring. The enemy on battlefields seem stationary most of the time. Add some life to them!! Give them patrols. Have them interact. That's one thing I loved with Halo. Especially the grunts. They had a clear relation with Elites. And when the Elites died, they run in fear and become disorganized or whip out grenades and go suicidal (which was hilarious when I first saw that in the series haha). Have friendly NPC's (merchants maybe) traveling through lands from time to time. ALSO, when nighttime comes around, have the enemy change in personality--make them more aggressive and have some unique night only enemies! Don't know how the time mechanic is implemented exactly in this game but this would be great add-on with AI. 5. [b][u]Signifying Supers[/u][/b]: Love them because they are very satisfying. I love to fly my titan over 3 guys capturing a point and coming down on them like a meteor from orbit. But as one person mentioned, there should be something to signify when someone's Super is ready. Maybe a little gold dust around the guardian. Doesn't need to be major but something that helps people notice a super and allow them the opportunity to dodge a firefight instead of being completely surprised. 6. [b][u]D-Pad utilization[/u][/b]: I feel this one is actually major for the social part of the game. The D-Pad is incredibly under utilized in this game. You have 1 social action (which I never use in all honesty) for each button. Instead, you should have a more in-depth system for socializing. For example, push the Up button and you open a window with multiple social interaction opportunities like dance, wave, sit, taunt, etc. Push the down button opens an in-game text or something. Another button could set waypoints for fireteams. I think you get the idea. Socializing is a big part in MMO type games like these. 7. [b][u]8v8 maybe[/u][/b]?: I would be curious to see how 8v8 (if it's possible) would be on these maps. Moon map I know is plenty big for it. 8. [b][u]Loot/ammo unnoticeable[/u][/b]: Quite simply, finding loot or ammo is sometimes a pain after firefights because it really doesn't stand out at all. For some reason, when ammo is in water, I cannot even see it and just have to run through the water and hope I pick something up. Maybe make it a bit bigger. 9. [b] [u]Lastly, mini-games and training grounds[/u][/b]: Multiple people have mentioned this and I would have to agree. Have some mini-games at the Tower or in other areas where we can bet glimmer or some other currency. Such as a poker game. Also, a shooting range to test weapons and show them off. Nothing too complicated. I personally love where this game is at and has set itself for great potential. It's just a matter of getting there. Obviously, there are other areas that need looked at also, but this is what I could think of at the moment. Please comment on anything you agree or disagree with.

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