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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny.

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Hardcore Playlist

Before we begin, I'd like to point out that I understand we've only played a Beta build of Destiny, thus these suggestions are merely a reflection of the current standing of PvP properties. This thread is to show our beloved Bungie that we'd like to see a highly competitive playlist in the final release of Destiny. Despite the brief preview of Crucible selections, we don't know if something as such is already in the pipeline. In no way are the following suggestions to be reflected on the game as a whole, simply a single playlist with a competitive focus. Feel free to provide your own feedback in what you'd like to see. If you are not interested in such a playlist kindly browse another thread. Crucible: Hardcore • No join in progress • No radar • No special ammo start (promotes camping, fight for the special ammo) • Super bar fills 10% per kill 5% per assist (users contributing nothing should not be rewarded) • 2v2 - 4v4 variants on small (Rusted Lands, Venus, Mars) maps without vehicles • Re-balancing of primary weapons so that precision kills faster when 100% of criticals are landed versus non-precision, high risk equates to high reward thus rewarding skill • Ranking system where winning improves rank, losing decreases rank (ie: Halo 2, Halo 3)

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  • I enjoy multiplayer as it is; however, I believe that there should be an [b]additional[/b] ranked/competitive game mode similar to the social vs ranked option of Halo 3. Something that caters to a higher skill capped individual, with slight changes regarding current things in the multiplayer such as: -Spawning without special ammo. There are plenty of special ammo pickups across the maps that spawn frequently. -Supers should occur less frequently/charge time should be reduced slightly. Even implementing them as a kill streak would be an interesting change. -Vehicle based maps should have one heavy vehicle (interceptor) located near the middle of the map where both teams could fight over them. Please keep in mind that this will be a [b]separate[/b] game mode from the current PVP mode. This would go for all modes that have been unreleased as well. Let higher skilled players have a place to separate themselves in a more balanced environment. [b]TL;DR: Separate game mode for competitive players with small tweaks to the casual versions.[/b]

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