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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/24/2014 3:51:36 PM

Gaming Breaking Topics!

Okay i am gonna start off with saying this game hands down is FUNNN! for only beta. Bungie has a hidden gem here but for this game to really have success they are gonna have to make some changes here are some game breaking changes that i believe needs full attention in the next month. Ive played Alot of mmo in the past including the start of it all everquest. so hands down and MMO like game which bungie is making needs to make sure of number one their community stays alive and here are some reasons right now why it wont from the info we have at this moment on the game. remember its only beta but remember beta mean to stress test the server and to help the developers understand alittle more what the fans like and dont. 1. Fireteams- only able to have 2 of your friends (3 to fireteam) is a little crazy in beta ive already played with over a hand full of friends and their friends and we run into the problem who gonna group up and go there separate ways where instead of us having instead of having 4 teams of 3 we could of have two teams of 6 and alot of people get disappointed we cannot go into strike dungeon with 6 and just decide to leave the party chat and game all together. one way bungie can fix this is easily put a nightmare difficulty mode in where its even harder then hard and more enemies. (bungie we dont care about having 2 titans 2 hunter and 2 warlocks or 6 of one class we just want to be able to play with eachother!) 2. Instances and maps- So there explore mode is alot of fun but because of my number one issue its not as much fun as it can be! if anyone ever played an mmo before you would understand when you go into explore mode and you know your friends are in the same mode but you cant see them its because there in another instance of that map. well to make this game more co op friendly lets call it is allow to jump into your friends instances when your at the tower or explore mode without being in a fireteam. this game is all about interaction with friends and meeting new people and so far bungie has put to much control over how much interaction you get because of griefers and so on. let this game bloom! so please allow instance swaps all you should be able to do is click on a friend in roster and have go to their instance. now for the map part its simple if you allow this instance change your gonna have to be able to hit the back button open up a map and see where your friends and other player are at. 3. open world chat- so one way to make new friends is by bumping into someone and shoot shit up with the only problem is how much can u get to know the guy other then he on the same path as you gunning down enemies without being able to talk to the guy. so we dont got a pc so we dont got a keyboard to type to him so they should allow open world chat! yes bungie some people are assholes but its life right! beyond that asshole could be a your new best friend. please allow some open world chatter. 5. mini map - okay plain and simple like the mini map but its to plain for dungeon crawling what i mean is if a loot drops please let it be indicated on the map me and my friend have a hard time seeing if its armor loot or ammo or glimmer. any big loot drops should be a big bright color of how common it is on the mini map so we know to go get it after a fire fight. that would be awesome bungie! thanks Okay so that was my idea of game breaking things they need to work on. let me know if you agree and i hope we can push these topics to bungie to make this game all it can be. it has alot of potential!

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