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All the characters are the same

I was hoping that there would be more variety between the titan, hunter, and warlock class, however it appears that they are all pretty similar. I realize this only a beta but I've maxed out (reached lvl 8) on the titan and hunter and am now working on the warlock. What I've noticed is that regardless of your race or class, all characters encounter the same story and have access to all the same weapons thus far. Furthermore, all classes seem to have the same type of skills with the only real difference being the skills you unlock at level 3 and eventually 15 and the type of melee a class has. I was really hoping each class would offer some what radically different play styles making a class more suited to a particular person. For instance, I had expected the hunter class to be more geared toward sniping, possibly cloaking or steal thing, etc, but this is not the case. Your primary weapon you start off with just like the others is an assault riffle. I am aware that your special weapon does start off as a sniper riffle, however I have yet to find any other sniper riffle in the game other than the ones the gunsmith sells. I have redone the quests on higher difficulties hoping for better rewards and gear, but all I ever find is more fusion and scout riffles, or shotguns. My other characters have found sniper riffles from time to time, and yes I know you can share loot through the vault between your characters which is great, but you'd think that playing as a hunter I'd find at least one more sniper riffle on my own play through. Thoughts?

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