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How to fix the Interceptor with a small nerf

[b]After receiving feedback I feel the best way to fix the Interceptor is applying a small nerf by having it overheat like the pike does, after 4 rockets fired back to back. Below in italic is my original idea and the extra bold is just a tip.[/b] [i]The Interceptor is only over powered when the game first starts, when no one has supers or heavy ammo. It also makes it harder for the other team to get their supers since they are dieing right off the spawn, putting the team in a rut for several minutes. How can you fix this without changing how the Interceptor works you might ask? Have only one Interceptor spawn and have it spawn at Bravo, only after the flag has been taken for 30 seconds to a minute. This will allow the start of the game to be more smooth and the pike more viable. People will have a Interceptor free minute to build up their supers and fight for Bravo with tooth and nail. But what about the stationary turrets? Yes they do own vehicles and guardians alike, but a good Interceptor pilot can sit behind cover and shoot over it. The rockets have a pretty serious arc to them so they will hit the turret. The only way turrets kill the Interceptor is by surprise and all the pilot has to do is pay attention. [/i] [b]One way you might not know to take down the Interceptor is the Pike. The Interceptor has a super slow turn speed, so all you need to do is stay behind the Interceptor. Coupled with the pike's ability to use L1 and R1 to lunge side to side quicker, you can kill the Interceptor without taking damage. Note this only works when you have enough space.[/b] [i]One last thing, currently Alpha and Charlie have heavy ammo spawns. This gives incentive to keep these points on lock down. Bravo is just a capture point, so your better off keeping Alpha and Charlie, leaving Bravo to be your teams kill box. Giving Bravo the Interceptor will change that.[/i] [i]EDIT: Have the Interceptor spawn at Bravo same as Heavy Ammo spawns at Alpha and Charlie - suggested by Tibbaryllis2[/i]

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