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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Everything is balanced so quit complaining. Period.

[b]WOW! [/b]The majority of the threads on this forum are about nerfing Supers, guns, and even whole classes. You've got to be joking. Bungie spent 300 Million dollars on the game and 6 years developing it. They've spent SO much time creating balancing algorithms and working with the best game designers in the industry. For whoever says this or that is unbalanced it's not because of Bungie, it's because of how you felt the moment you died by said unbalanced tactic. You think the Interceptors aren't balanced? Think again. Have you even tried using a turret to kill one? The interceptors go down easily from turrets. It takes accuracy to kill one but that moves towards the player's incentive to get better and more accurate with this weapon. I've been killed a multitude of times by the golden gun and I haven't thought for a second that it's over powered. Guardians get a max of 3 or 4 Super Charge abilities (or 5 if you are doing well) each Control game. That is not a lot of time using one Super Charge ability. You realize there is a timer for how long the golden gun is out???? And that the guardian using the golden gun literally glows bright orange? If you see that you simply run away and if he gets you, too bad. The other Super Charge abilities are the same way. Titan's have to be so close up to the enemy for it to be effective and Warlock's ability can kill them if they are too close to the impact! They are all balanced. Why is everyone complaining about the Warlock Bond? If you've ever watched soccer, it resembles the mark of the Captain. The Warlock is a SUPPORT class not a flashy assault class like the Hunter (who has awesome capes). An arm band represents strength and should be respected even if it is hard to see, you know it's there and what it means. Finally, YOU'RE PLAYING A BETA BUILD. Don't expect completely final results. Bungie is making it their goal to create a game that is fun and balanced. That's what the goal is for the Beta. don't complain because something isn't going your way. This Beta isn't for us to , it's for Bungie to learn about how players will play the game and how they can do things that will further balance this already near-flawless game. From what I can tell, nothing will change drastically from Beta to full release so get used to the learning curve. This isn't Halo or Call of Duty. This is Destiny, a new game, that we all have to get used to in the next coming months. You can join my growing clan here: [url=]FOUR TWO ONE Clan[/url] Must maintain 1.3 K/D.

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