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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Destiny Beta; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

First off, Destiny is awesome! I love the game. However, there are a few things that need tweeking or that I would add to make the game better. First off, I'll start with the good. - All the modes are great and the seamless multiplayer works very well. - Good job adding more control options since the alpha such as being able to swap L2 and R2 with L1 and R1. - Pretty much everything is nailed to perfection. I can tell a lot of detail went into this game. Now I'll move onto the bad (or just stuff that needs fixing). - Although you added more control options for gunplay, no control options were added for vehicles. An option to make boost R2 and fire L2 would be appreciated. - Turret controls are clunky. When you're in a turret, R2 works as zoom in as well as shoot while L2 does nothing. If I would want to zoom in without shooting, I would need to awkwardly press R2 halfway in. My suggestion would be to have L2 be aim and R2 be shoot. As well as having an option to switch these controls. - Vehicles on the moon map are way to powerful. Sure there are a lot of things to combat them; Turrets, supers, heavy weapons and so on, but these things are so rare anyways that most of the time you'll run into a vehicle without them. I'm not saying give us the ability to hijack vehicles like in Halo to balance them out (because I read interviews where you guys said you don't want that.) but at least don't allow vehicles to be able to capture control points. Have the driver have to get out of his vehicle otherwise they can just sit in them the entire match and just dominate the field. - Not as big of an issue as the other ones but the hand cannons are a bit too weak in my opinion. I haven't seen anyone use them in multiplier for this reason. - Not a bad thing but a suggestion. Since slow walking in the tower is really badass, there should be a button dedicated to it. Since R3 doesn't do anything in the Tower, my suggestion would be to have it where when you press R3, your maximum speed when you push the left stick forward would be regular walking speed. If you press R3 again, you can go back to running. This will fix having to carefully push the left stick up just a bit and keep it in that precise, sweet spot when you want to walk in the Tower. Not really sure how many people would use this feature but I definitely would! Finally, the ugly. - Damn! Have you seen those Hive Thralls. They're so ugly! Anyways there are my Good, Bad, and Ugly points for the Destiny beta. Most of them are just adding options. I love the game and just want it to become better. I would also love to hear your guys' Destiny Good, Bad and/or Ugly. Comment bellow with your suggestions or just stuff you don't agree with me on.

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