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The Exo Wars: Volume II

The Exo Wars Volume II “Shattered Hope” During the time of the “Great Collapse” mankind was stunned with many new discoveries both about themselves and the unknown. Among these discoveries was a race of machines whom were thought to have slipped from the pages of the history books, this race of self aware machines known as “Exo’s” were discovered during mankind's attempts to learn about the newest threat to their survival. Men quickly unified against with this new ally against the threat known as “The Darkness”. Humankind, showered with gifts of technology from the “Traveler” still lacked true vision about this new world. When men accepted the Exo’s into the fold they also accepted the devastating fact that they knew very little about the threat on their doorstep. Exo’s brought to life by the light of the “Traveler”, destined to be a force of protection against the “Darkness” told of creatures that could not be destroyed by any weapon designed by men. These creatures, like the Exo’s themselves, were awoken from their slaved hibernation by a different force, a force humankind called “The Darkness”. Men’s faith was shaken as one account was told of these creatures. “Like the darkness, these creatures can choose not to be seen. Humans have unleashed the fury of their guns and still these creatures close the distance and tear their frail bodies apart. The last thing you will see before you feel your spine being crushed is those soul crushing red eyes. These creatures have not a shred of sympathy, no sign of a soul, their purpose is to kill all living beings.” As war raged on, mankinds newest ally in the battle for survival was invaluable in fighting this new threat. Once again, machines were fighting machines in destructive battles; only this time it was not for the greed of men, it was for their right to live unthreatened by the darkness that would crush their newfound existence. After many years of death and loss, humans watching their comrades getting torn limb from limb by this daunting new enemy, it was decided that mankind would retreat back to the sanctuary of “The Tower”, the last refuge for survivors of the “Great Collapse”. Under the protection of the “Traveler’s” light men would escape their seemingly inevitable genocide. As time went on, those brave scouting parties on the frontier began to bring back unusual reports which ignited the hope of humankind. The race named “The Xeno’s” were no longer showing signs of life on the frontier. This news sparked men’s desire to explore the frontier once again. With no signs of the “Xeno’s” men can only wonder what happened to this deadly “weapon of the Darkness”. The Exo race, forever bound by hatred for men and their traitorous “Xeno” brethren, knew that one day when the tides were turned against the darkness this enemy would surface once again to remind those surviving on earth just how fragile life truly is. [u]P.S. Sorry again about editing, my editor (AKA my wife) was busy but i had a few people asking if I was going to expand on this so here is the core expansion. I will be editing it as I go.[/u]

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