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7/16/2014 11:04:31 PM

destiny thoughts & concerns

accidentally posted on destiny be brave instead of feedback b4, but its ok needed some editing anyways. feedback is f'd up so ill repost on destiny 4now. This is a thread for any concerns or thoughts we have regarding what we have seen so far, and what is to come in destiny and throughout its life span. the first thing I'm going to address is why xb players, should not be concerned about ps content. so here's the just of it. if the additional clothes and weapons they get are any good everyone will be using them; and there probably not going to be. as for maps and missions there will be enough so its not repetitive in the main game anyways. if your still mad, think about this. PlayStation had to pay a lot of money for that 1year exclusivity. so they just paid for the development of a game on your console. that and Microsoft has more money to spend elsewhere by not buying in. now on to my actual concerns. the second concern will sort of be dependant on the first one in some ways. the first thing is that I hope destiny's sequel's will not be on the previous gen. this is sort of an unfounded concern as I'm sure they wont be. this time is just a formality to appeal to a broader audience. by the next game people will have ponied up for price dropped consoles. I love my 360 but lets face it my phone is more powerful -_-. bigger areas, more intensive game mechanics, and better loads/frames. now on to my second concern which has to do with bungie and comments they have made about destiny's direction, and past experiences I've had with bungie games. one thing about destiny's direction being that someone said "we don't have controlled space ship flight, because this is not a space flight simulator". ok well lets get into this. forget space flight for starters.lets talk about in atmosphere flight. now I can understand the difficulties of this with open multiplayer, traversal loading, and not to mention balancing issues. well the balancing issues not so much just give the enemies flying vehicles too, putt aa in areas that you want summon unavailable, and restrict the summon some how like timed or paying if its destroyed. now as for the other limitations that's why I'm glad we will be off of ps3/360. ill get back to space flight in a bit, but first my previous experiences. my main gripe with developers is when they remove components we come to expect and love from there type of games. halo had many in atmosphere flight vehicles and it worked. this isn't halo. I know that; it could be so much better! Also it doesn't make sense that we don't use are ships to fight in destiny? I'm pretty sure if I had something that could fly I'd put guns on it and kill things..... lots and lots of things. Now for space flight. simply out right condemning the concept is not what I expect from individuals vested in the potential of their fits with destiny's persona, it is possible, and it would open up a literal universe of possible gameplay opportunities. imagine this. you reach a certain atmospheric height, then the game zooms in for a loading screen. your boosters fire as you watch the wind and condensation buffet off your custom ships flight surfaces. then your let go as it rockets for space as you watch its flaring boosters and contrail while it makes exponential curve to the great beyond. then you are phased back in, ship in flight at your command. in space positions for planets and specific things including the changing one of your ship are set by geometric boundaries around them. the vertices of which have xyz coordinates. you will not actually move through created map space but a procedurally generated bubble with changing xyz just as #s. that can link up whit other ships or locations within the same approximate xyz. for far travels warp relays will be opened. if you get way too far off you can fast travel to know locals. now back to your ship, you've just left earth atmosphere. your instrumentation is showing acceleration vectors, ship integrity, armament and navigational information. your start making your way toward mars when suddenly a public event appears. a rift opens in the darkness way ahead of you. a vessel of hive and their void swarmer's is headed for earth. you battle your way through the swarm with countless others. you continue to batter the ships hull attempting to minimize its integrity. you realize the futility of your efforts as the ships core keeps healing the surface. bravely you fire a tethering cable and make your way onboard. your ghost scouts ahead mapping your route to the core, but danger comes from all angles. you fight frantically through several corridors, slice through some webbing and dropdown onto a lengthy bridge over a large chasm. you make your way forward as you see other guardians come running out of the darkness form the other side. your pace slows as you realize there is not one but 5 deadly ogres in pursuit. you turn to run and notice the supports are made of the same webbing you just cut down with your mighty lead wall legendary lmg. you begin firing and the others behind you join in as they run for there lives. two supports down as you all near the opposite side. you fire a rocket at the feet of the first ogre as the last of you brethren leaps up to the ledge. the ogre's stumble over there leader as fire reigns down on the last 2 supports. As they regain composure the final blow is dealt and they fall endlessly to their doom. your group makes its way to the core where you are greeted by a vicious hive queen. the core in perched in webbing above her :3 after a grueling battle the core drops squarely through her abdomen you claim your loot and head back out to finish the job. the new ship cannon you just acquired from defeating the queen makes short work of the ships weakened defenses. pleased with the performance of your companions you form a fire team to go kick some cabal a$5. I may have gotten a little carried away...... but I am praying to the traveler that this brave guardian can crush the darkness in the heart and minds of those whom have been afflicted at bungie hq. on to the next much shorter concerns which I'm sure they will work out. weapon balancing in competitive I assume is done through avg's in weapon type and rof. but from footage I've seen the auto rifles don't have the bloom to offset there damage enough or they do slightly too much damages in comp to BR type guns. also the hand canon too weak. but w/e there are always tweaks. finally the vehicles. people have complained about this in competitive. that and no hijacking. hijacking should definitely be in there, but maybe as a button mash; especially for open vehicles. so any concerns/thoughts?

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