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Find-A-Friend Part 2

[u][b]Click above link for part one and many names![/b][/u] Made part 2 due to first one not allowing any more names to go down. Here we go...For those who dont know this list has been put together for people who might not have a full fire-team and would like to custom build one with certain classes on the 4 platforms and you can meet new people and clock up many hours together ready for release and for raiding if your not as lucky as myself for having a full fire-team made up of my close-knit group of friends of years! They also include everyones countries so you know what time-zone they are in! To join please just write down your: - Gamertag/psn - Class - Console - Country I will assume your playing beta and full game unless stated otherwise! [b]Also advised you mention Destiny in your friend request to make it clear to all =)[/b] [u][b]Xbox One:[/b] [/u] Sekwal420 ~USA~ (all classes)(360 also) LGN Retribution ~USA~ (all classes)(ps4 also only release) Tina Mokes ~USA~ (all classes) Leighboi86 ~UK~ (all classes) [b]Hunter:[/b] [spoiler]Darthbill99 ~USA~ (full game, beta on 360) BLACK ARMORR ~USA~ Littl3deadman ~USA~ St0n3 h0b0 ~USA~ VortexCat ~USA~ (also warlock) Wheezzii ~UK~ chunkyshort78 ~Germany~ (also Titan) EKOnox ~Canada~ [/spoiler] [b]Warlock:[/b] [spoiler]selfmadegee90 ~USA~ LTK Elementz ~USA~ C Samya ~USA~ Vulcan Maximum ~USA~ iceman320109 ~USA~ Sir Zwingli ~USA~ VortexCat ~USA~ (also hunter) steele66 ~USA~ Plarux ~USA~ Reaper122221 ~Canada~ KSI DIdacticJ ~Canada~ AirtightOrc4 ~Mexico~ GavioD ~UK~ Young Online ~UK~ [/spoiler] [b]Titan:[/b] [spoiler]TheBagelWarrior ~USA~ gold T1TAN ~USA~ Hucklebeary 31 ~USA~ IVIR CORVINUS ~USA~ Kyouko la Kill ~USA~ chunkyshort78 ~Germany~ (also hunter) [/spoiler] [u][b]Xbox 360:[/b][/u] Sekwal420 ~USA~ (all classes)(xb1 also) LasaruS ~Sweden~ (all classes) [b]Hunter:[/b] [spoiler]A Wild Jedi ~USA~ Darthbill99 ~USA~ (xb1 on release) Auddeo ~USA~ LargoJaybo ~USA~ Ascendant Zero ~USA~ Digital Specter ~USA~ (also titan) n00bPwnerXD ~Sweden~ Lazyindie ~UK Dake S2K ~Mexico~[/spoiler] [b]Warlock:[/b] [spoiler]Deathbyyeti101 ~USA~ (beta only) OoohZing ~USA~ Orannis17 ~USA~ Demonwlng103 ~USA~ Spartan Vegeta ~South Africa~ PreyingMantis37 ~Canada~ N Drago 5000 ~Canada~ Crazyguy73 ~UK~ Melissargh ~UK~ [/spoiler] [b]Titan:[/b] Jonnymet ~UK~ Digital Specter ~USA~ (also hunter) [u][b]Ps4:[/b][/u] [spoiler]Sekwal ~USA~ (all classes) Goldxen ~USA~ (all classes) LGN Retribution ~USA~ (all classes)(beta on xb1)(full game only) Entomb3dSt0rm_ ~USA~ (all classes) Tonymfuss ~USA~ (all classes) Lost_Senile ~USA~ (all classes) shadrach901 ~USA~ (all classes) isucki ~USA~ (all classes) tEXu-san ~Germany~ (all classes) Doobedeedoo ~UK~ (all classes) Psychocide ~Canada~ (all classes) RaTTirm ~Japan~ (all classes) Treyskizz1r ~Australia~ (all classes) [/spoiler] [b]Hunter:[/b] [spoiler]Sam_lodmij ~USA~ SirianTheStalker ~USA~ Crimze87 ~USA~ rumble2001 ~USA (also titan) SRK-Southpaw ~USA~ truecsw ~USA~ (also warlock) kaminalives2012 ~USA~ Selarom7 Dih1988 ~Brazil~ Shambam100 ~Canada~ kevintxu87 ~Belgium~ NickDomiingo ~Netherlands~ (also titan) eleGize ~Netherlands~ denkadb ~Sweden~ Rincy24 ~Germany~ kamikaze_biscuit ~Australia~ [/spoiler] [b]Warlock:[/b] [spoiler]Thaennon ~Sweden~ hotrods324 ~USA~ Charlie2038 ~USA~ TylerFPS ~USA~ Garrwing ~USA~ JUSTiN_SCB ~USA~ (also Titan) truecsw ~USA~ (also hunter) Joyful Fodder, ~USA~ (also Titan) Delathomere ~USA~ Souljah07 ~USA~ Munkyslap ~Australia~ Dubios82 ~Australia~ samm_2k10 ~UK~ (full game, beta on ps3) gowler42 ~UK~ Thetic67 ~UK~ Giantcatbear ~UK~ NightFuryG_ ~UK~ [/spoiler] [b]Titan:[/b] [spoiler]xTHCx_SuperFly ~USA~ Vergerlis ~USA~ JUSTiN_SCB ~USA(also warlock) rumble2001 ~USA (also hunter) Aswizzle7 ~USA~ Joyful Fodder, ~USA~ (also warlock) Nazgul ~USA~ ll_dabz_ll ~USA~ NickDomiingo ~Nederland~ (also hunter) BierTapje ~Nederland~ Randiemandie82 ~UK~ bangarang337 ~UK~ [/spoiler] [u][b]Ps3:[/b][/u] fruitypebbles93 ~USA~ [b]Hunter:[/b] Lil_chris916 ~USA~ Marshmelo_Madnes ~USA~ Chaos_Valentine ~USA~ [b]Warlock:[/b] JrHoodRat ~USA~ (also Titan) McToasty13 ~USA~ (also titan) samm_2k10 ~UK~ (ps4 on release) [b]Titan:[/b] JrHoodRat ~USA~ (also warlock) McToasty13 ~USA~ (also warlock)

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