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"More Fun with Friends" - PLEASE CHANGE (Please reply Deej or Bungie about different console issue)

[b][u]BEFORE BETA:[/u][/b] 1) I just watched an interview on IGN with Eric Osborne. During this interview he said that "Everything that is fun to do in Destiny, is more fun when you do it with your friends." I completely agree with this statement. All games are usually more fun when you can experience it with your friends. I want to be able to experience Destiny with my friends and completely submerge ourselves in this beautiful game. That is why I highly urge that you, Bungie, add splitscreen in Destiny. I LOVE this game, but as you said "its more fun with your friends." This could still be added if there is a high demand from the community, so comment and let Bungie know we want splitscreen. PLEASE BUNGIE, ADD SPLITSCREEN. [u]UPDATES:[/u] 1. Deej did not say they could not do it. He said they did not want to do it. 2. I want it at launch but I understand that could be hard. (So stop saying there will be delays?!) 3. If they can add splitscreen later I would also be happy. 4. People are saying that it would not work. I am pretty sure this could work with all the game types except explore which I think should thus make both players go to the same place. 5.Splitscreen is an [b]OPTION[/b]. Not everyone has to use it so your graphics will not be affected. 6. I also would be pleased if they added splitscreen to everthing besides the Explore gametype. [u]DEEJ OR BUNGIE STAFF CHECKOUT MY SUGGESTIONS AND REPLY[/u] I know you guys have stated you do not want splitscreen put please tell me what you guys think of these suggestions: 1. Add splirscreen later after launch if a lot of people still want it. 2. Add splitscreen later after launch but make the Exploration game mode so that both players have to go to the same place. 3. Add spltscrren at launch (highly unlikely) but add it only for PvP or add it at launch for all game modes but the same rule for exploration as number 2. [b] [u]AFTER BETA:[/u][/b] 2) So everything above this point was before I played the beta. After playing the AMAZING Destiny beta, I still believe that splitscreen is highly possible. However Bungie will NOT add it. I was pretty bummed that I could not play with my brother on one console, but I decided "hey at least we can play on two different consoles." I own an Xbox 360 and an Xbox one. I pre-ordered the game for the Xbox one and got the beta code for Xbox one. My friend was nice enough to give my brother a code for Xbox 360. When they beta came out we were so excited to start playing together. We created our characters and embarked on the first mission. We were both in orbit after completing the first mission, so I went to go invite him. It kept saying "invite sent." I am looked on his screen and no invite message from me is coming up. We cannot even play together on different consoles now?! I got pretty upset completing the missions by myself or with strangers who did not even complete the mission with me. So PLEASE Bungie can you at least CHANGE this for the final game?!

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