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An open letter to our new brothers

[b]DISCLAIMER: [/b]- This is clearly not aimed at all of you. I have personally talked to a great deal of our new brothers who embrace the community spirit and don't endlessly flaunt and bait, but I think a few things need to be said to the more ... shall we say. [u]Obnoxious newcomers.[/u] You're being needlessly provocative. - First of all you're misinformed. Bungie has actually done PS exclusive in the past. They released a blockbuster game called Oni for the Playstation 2. It was not available on the xbox. - However when they released halo one it was for PC and Mac. It was only later that they dealt with Microsoft. When they released it for the xbox that was the first time halo had been on a console. It was love at fist sight and Bungie developed a stream of highly dedicated and loyal fans such as myself. From halo one, 2, 3, ODST and Reach Bungie has had both my support and my hard earned wage. Every single piece of DLC, hell, I even bought figures and all kinds of things. This isn't about the fact that the Playstation gets it first, or that we're angry you are getting it at all. Today it is because we're getting a lot less. Not because you are getting more. For a loyal Bungie fan Bungie day is really one of the best days of the year. News, free maps, swag, eye candy all kinds of fine Bungie goodness. But instead of that if you happen to be one of Bungies die hard fans who happens to be on the console for which three of its most recent games were released you got shafted. You were shafted in favour of the new kids. I'd love for the Bungie community to swell and encompass PC gamers, PS gamers and Xbox gamers. I think the console wars thing is bullshit and so does most everyone who is a real fan of this company and the art it produces. This isn't about the platforms, it's about loyalty. We don't want it first, we don't want unique or special things, we're fine with you having them. It's a nice little gift that welcomes you to the family at large. We're just a little confused as to why the market that has made Bungie one of the most successful publishers in the world has been neglected in such a drastic way. PS4 - Over a week. Xbox (The vast majority of Bungie fans) Four days. - A lot of us aren't console loyalists we just don't have a choice. Some of us can't afford new consones, some of us can't get one in time for the beta. Some of us can't afford more than one pre-order. I'm seeing a lot more intolerance and hate bating coming from our new, and rather provocative family members today and you all seem to preach that we should all be getting along and that it's not a big deal, but you're openly mocking those who are envious that the new comer has taken the front position of the queue so to speak. [b] I'm not here to hate, I'm not here to argue. But the fact of the matter is if you can't see where 90% of the Bungie fanbase is coming from on this one maybe you don't belong here.[/b]

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