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Destiny Multiplayer Random Events

Ok, so I know that Bungie said they were keeping the mutliplayer separate, but wouldn't it be cool if your team and an opposing team were going head to head in a game of Control on Mars, and in the middle of the game, you hear the announcer say "Incoming Cabal forces. This training mission has been terminated. This is now a field operation. Defend the Control Points against the cabal forces." And then both teams team up to keep the cabal off the objectives. Bungie could even use the TrueSkill system (or whatever matchmaking system they're using to match up evenly skilled players) to set the level of difficulty that the AI has. Personally I think it'd be fun and would help add to Destiny's "living, breathing world". What do you guys and girls think?? Edit: So the feedback I'm hearing the most of is about how to incorporate into the multiplayer in a way that retains its randomness, but is still worth it, even at an endgame level. Also there are some worries about the game beforehand, as it stood, who was winning and who was loosing... My thoughts were that it would be something that could only happen say once in every 500 games or so, and only when all players meet certain parameters (such as no one under level 15). This way it's super rare so it will never be bothersome regardless of who it happens to. Once the announcement comes up, the game ends, kdr, and win/loss is taken into account and loot is given out. Then there's 15-30 seconds of prep time until the first drop ship touches down. From here on all scoring is the same system as Destiny's normal PvE. Extra loot is given out too, with the team that won the multiplayer match earning even more loot. All In all though both teams would come out with gear that they'll almost immediately switch out their current gear for. Any other worries or concerns? Also thanks for the bumps, thumbs, and other various complementary gestures/phrases, you guys and girls are awesome! Edit #2: So some more Feedback i'm currently getting here is that some people would rather it was either it's own separate playlist/gametype, or that it was an opt-in only type of thing, or that it would still be PvP, but with the added element of the AI. Lets take these one at a time because none of them really fit IMHO. [b]Separate Gametype-[/b] That's simply taking a Public Event and making it a gametype. It also either eradicates the randomness of it or splits the community too much. [b]Opt-In -[/b] So here people think that there should be a setting saying you're good for it, and thus not good for it by default. I personally don't like this as any time anyone doesn't want to, then no one playing with them can. I also see this being abused by players who feel that they've maxed out their characters, builds, and gear to the point where they don't need extra loot, who could just turn it off as a way to deny it to other players who could benefit from it in order to maintain a measure of superiority. Much better would be keeping it completely random and giving players a chance to retreat to orbit during the preparation phase, letting those who don't want extra loot to not be forced to play, while letting those who do want to continue and earn awesome loot do so unhindered. [b]PvPvE-[/b] Now this one i don't particularly agree with not because it wouldn't work or it doesn't sound fun (because it would work and it would be fun) but simply because it doesn't fit Bungie's "living, breathing world". In a real world, allied forces would not continue training against each other in the face of an outside treat, which is what the idea is. They'd band together and fight the enemy off. Sure, it'd be chaotic, but remember that the halmark of bungie shooter skill is not the Cod/Battlefield ability to successfully navigate chaos, but the ability and team work to control the map itself, control the vantage points, the heavy weapon/ammo drops, the vehicle spawns, [i]the player spawns![/i] That's what makes a Bungie shooter feel like a bungie shooter and makes it stand out midst the plethora of shooters out there. Another great idea by [b]masterchief54[/b] is to take my original idea one step further from just a defensive random event, to an offensive one, and this idea i really like a lot! Scroll down to his comment for details! Once again thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! If you really like this idea then keep this thread alive and force bungie to take notice! Together, we can shape our Destiny!!

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