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Add "flinch" when being shot

Add flinch!


no way!


don't care


[b]Situation[/b]: When being hit with accurate shots, you can still aim perfectly fine. Destiny does not include a "flinch" mechanism. [b]Background[/b]: Many popular FPS games have implemented a "flinch" mechanic where if you're being shot at while aiming down sight (ADS), your aiming "flinches" a little bit to a random direction. You won't flinch if the enemy bullets don't connect onto you. One can counter* a guardian sniper by spraying him with bullets from a far distance, hindering & hurting the sniper from aiming, but not killing him. [b]Assessment[/b]: Players in the Destiny Alpha were able to perfectly aim down the site while being barraged with bullets. [b]Suggestion[/b]: Include a "flinch" mechanism to increase competitive gameplay and realism into Destiny. I know most of us aren't only Halo fans, but have played COD & Battlefield. The "flinch" mechanism doesn't really make that much of an impact close range, but it does medium-long range. Furthermore, the "flinch" should be just enough to prevent headshots, but not overly exaggerated where it becomes impossible to aim while being shot at. [i][b][u]Additionally, the "flinch" mechanism was implemented in previous Halo's, but one bullet took the person out of ADS. I don't think that should be implemented and that the player should be able to maintain ADS while being shot at. [/u][/b][/i] [b]Counter-arguments[/b]: -Some can argue that Guardians have advanced shields that will prevent the user from flinching upon getting shot. What if include flinching when the shields are down? -It will make sniping too difficult as it already is by scrambling to get ammo. -flinching in combination with gun recoil will make it too hard to aim -this is the future, 2014 realism doesn't come into play -and others... [b]What do you think?[/b]

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