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Talk about games other than Destiny. We don't mind.
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Halo E3 2014 Info Hub

[b][u]Games:[/u][/b] [url=]Halo 5: Guardians[/url] [Beta - December 27th, 2014] [url=]Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [November 11th, 2014 - $60] [b][u]Film & TV:[/u][/b] TV Series [Spielberg - 2015] Halo: Nightfall [November 11th, 2014] [b][u]Pictures:[/u][/b] Halo 5: Guardians --[url=]Halo 5: Guardians Concept Art 1[/url] --[url=]Sanghelios Concept Art[/url] --[url=]Beta Teaser - Environment[/url] --[url=]Locke and Arbiter GIF[/url] Halo: The Master Chief Collection --[url=]Cairo Station - Grunt Boarding Party[/url] --[url=]Sergeant Johnson[/url] --[url=]Lord Hood[/url] --[url=]Prophet of Regret[/url] --[url=]Arbiter[/url] --[url=]Delta Halo[/url] --[url=]Uprising[/url] --[url=]Space Pickle[/url] [b][u]Videos:[/u][/b] [url=]Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [url=]Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer Beta[/url] [url=]IGN - Cairo Station[/url] [url=]Cairo Station B-Roll[/url] [url=]Polygon - Dan Ayoub Interview [b][u]Articles:[/u][/b] [url=]Polygon - Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [url=]Joystiq - Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [url=]IGN - E3 2014: Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [url=]Xbox Wire - Halo 5: Guardians[/url] [url=]Xbox Wire - Halo: The Master Chief Collection[/url] [url=]Waypoint - Halo E3 Day 2[/url] [b][u]General Info:[/u][/b] Halo 5: Guardians -Multiplayer --Classic Arena Gameplay --Spartan Abilities are player mechanics Halo: The Master Chief Collection -Campaign --1080p --60fps --Playlists - Groups of campaign missions from all four games --Halo CEA --Halo 2 Anniversary ---Skulls ---Terminals ---4 Player Co-Op ---Pre-rendered cutscenes ---New intro and outro cutscene tying into Halo 5 ---Switching back and forth is instant now --Halo 3 --Halo 4 -Multiplayer --1080p --60fps --Dedicated servers --93 Competitive MP Maps --50 Spartan Ops Missions --45 Campaign Missions --Playlists can play individual games or go into matchmaking with multiple games in one playlist. --Halo CE ---Outfitted with XBL Multiplayer --Halo 2 ---6 maps remastered in modified Halo engine ---Forge added --Halo 3 --Halo 4 Halo: Nightfall -Ships with Halo: The Master Chief Collection -Episodic -Main Character: Agent Locke -Connects Halo 1-4 with Halo 5 [b][u]Lore Info:[/u][/b] Agent Locke -Looking for Master Chief -H:MCC is him discovering Chief's past Buck -Spartan-IV Arbiter -Talking to Agent Locke -Helping him with finding Master Chief --------------------------- [i]Are you a fan of Halo Lore? Do you enjoy Halo's vast and engrossing story? Join [url=]Halo Archive.[/url] Enjoy deep lore discussions and compelling theories! [url=]Discuss Halo 5: Guardians![/url][/i]

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