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An Armed Community (Creat your own Exotic Weapon Concepts)

[i]"You Guardians look Parched... parched for Fire power??"[/i] [i]"[b]E[/b]arth aint exactly a friendly place any more, a place full of hugs, kisses and bedtime stories! [b]N[/b]o[b]![/b] Its now Filled with monsters who took from us the land we knew, merderous traitors, and Murauders! And perhaps a few legends![/i] [b]-Smiles-[/b] [i][b]W[/b]e must take it back - EVERYTHING... [b]O[/b]ur whole damn [u]solar system [/u] for our [b]G[/b]enerations [b]L[/b]ost... but to do this We nead [u]fire power[/u] - [b][u]Lots of it[/u]!!"[/b] "The [b]T[/b]ravilar might protect us, but can we call ourselves [b]H[/b]uman if we dont fight to take back what is ours?" - - - "I think not..."[/i] [u]Hope you enjoyed the Intro now down to Buisness in short summery what this is[/u] [b][SUMMERY][/b] Destiny has alot of guns, and a Good few are Unique, "Exotic" weapons that have servived the test of time, and each tell there own storry, there may be more classifications, but thats to be seen. this Thread is to all those Creative types out there that got weapon designs they would love to see in Destiny. so lets makes some [b]U[/b]nique/[b]E[/b]xotic weapons!! [i]I know there was a thread like this for a contest, but I sertainly missed that event when it happened, so new ideas come forth. I was surprised there werent more of these[/i] [u][b]E[/b]ntry [b]F[/b]ormat[/u]\ ____________________________________________________________________________ [b] Water Gun[/b] ______________________ "[i]I like it Wet and Wild!![/i]" [b]<-[/b] (Quote/Saying) [u]Short Description[/u] A toy, of generations past. Used as a fire arm? what kind of joker would use this to kill off aliens? [u]Further features below[/u] <-[i]saves space and makesfor an easy read[/i] [spoiler][b]Type-[/b] [u]Assault Rifle[/u] [b]ClipSize-[/b] [u]100[/u] (acts much liek a flamethrower tank slow Drain) [b][Weapon Description][/b] made 100% out of hard plastic, [u]including screws![/u] has a large tank to hold ammunition on the top of the [b]Water Gun[/b], to reload you unscrew the cap of the tank, and fill it with water from the tap. [b][unique features][/b] It causes 0 damage per hit, and makes the Enemy Wet, with water! [b]Ballistic Description-[/b] [u]Water Beam[/u] (as long as triger is held) - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - NOTES- -Its pump action, the beem looses velocity if not pumped for a while![/spoiler] ___________________________________________________________________________ [i]any ways hope that was clear and helpful cant wait to see what you guys come up with have fun!.[/i]

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