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Private groups getting titles?

Dearest 7th Column, Recent events have sparked curiosity. [url=]For those of you that were active in 2012, you may remember an idea I have mustered up before[/url], what if private groups had titles, awards, emblems, acknowledgements and/or ways to become visually special? Some factors to consider: [quote]-Group creation date -Group activity feed[spoiler]In the old site, we had news blogs for articles. Currently we have the activity of public threads within groups displayed on the groups homepage. I'm completely unsure of how to implement this, lets just focus of vague brainstorming instead.[/spoiler] -Group followers -Group members [spoiler]More doesn't always necessarily mean "better". This could be scaled with the trust rating of each individual member. It'd be much better to have consistently active members, than hundreds of inactive ones.[/spoiler] -Hosting your own public events and creating activity -Get your group featured in Bungie's Blog? Get X amount of awesome points and maybe even a cool emblem on your group's homepage. For kicks, here are the ideas for a rating I had from my old thread: [spoiler][b]General[/b]: Creation date of group (IE - "Join date") Number of homepage views Number of entries linked to homepage Number of outgoing links clicked from homepage Being mentioned in the Bungie News Blog (link to your group) Number of members in group (should have algorithm, more doesn't always mean "better") [b]Membership/News[/b]: Average trust rating of all members How often each member logs into Average PPD for group Average PPD of users Averaged within the group Number of new threads created daily (averaged over X amount of months) Average number of news feed posts over X amount of months Have a set algorithm to prevent maximum news feed spamming for points [b]What doesn't gain you trust points[/b]: Having multiple accounts on the same IP address (alt accounts) Having 0 linked gamertags No new threads/posts (a "dead" group) Spamming the group with threads/posts Spamming the news feed with loads of submissions Constantly banning your own members/includes kicking Getting in trouble with the webteam The bungie webteam could also give your "group" a warning/ban/lock to lower your group trust points[[/spoiler][/quote] Even if you think "this wouldn't be for my group", think of the impact this could have when paired with Destiny. We know [url=]groups are in a prototype state right now[/url] and they're due for an update soon. If groups could become special snowflakes, I'm sure there would be talk to have the best group on Organized gamenights, awesome community members and serve a purpose for the larger community. Forget the ideas about what the names of the awards/titles/emblems would be. [b]The question is would you like to see private groups get some visual recognition for various benchmarks?[/b] Keep it classy 7th Column.

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