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Fredventure: Part 1

Today I will recount to you a story of tragedy, a story of hope, a story of heroism. This is the story of the greatest hero to ever graces these lands, a hero who charges into the face of death to protect all life, regardless of where that life may come from or what form it takes. These are the trials and tribulations, the fires that forged this great hero, that made him the symbol of greatness that he is today. However, I can here you asking "but what is his name?" well the title, the name, that this wondrous, celebrated hero goes by is one of power, one of greatness, it is...Fred! Fred was born on a farm south of a small village. His father, mother and sister, whom was six years older than Fred, lived on a very cramped, tiny, box of a house on the farm land. His family wasn't particularly wealthy, but they got by, they sold most of their crops to the village and kept what they didn't sell or what they needed. His father, whose name was Fred also, had been a farmer all his life, he inherited this farm from a long line of Freds and one day Fred would also run the farm. His mother was a very ambitious women who was getting extremely tired of living on this small farm, she had planned to become extremely wealthy by now but unfortunately things didn't work out for her. She constantly tried to convince Fred's father, Fred, that they should leave, as a family, and pursue a life better than this one. However, Fred's father, Fred, had an extreme sense of loyalty and if he left he couldn't bear to wear the name Fred without a wave of shame washing over him. Fred's father, Fred, and Fred's mother constantly argued about it and Fred's mother would often leave the house, not returning for days on end sometimes. Anyway, Fred and his sister had differing opinions on the state of their family. Fred's sister felt that they should stay and continue the farming legacy, she was more of a Fred than Fred was, but Fred wanted excitement and adventure! One day after a particularly nasty fight between his parents, Fred looked out through his window at the night sky. He happened up a gleaming, radiant, white star he remembered something about wishing on stars so he decided to give it a shot, it couldn't hurt right? So he wished that his parents would stop fighting, that all this trouble would end, he also wished for excitement and adventure! He would get his wish, but he didn't know the terrible price that would come with it. It was a beautiful glistening summer day, the sky was a wonderful shade of blight blue and not a single cloud dare set foot in the sky. It was also Fred's tenth birthday, he was excited, [i]finally[/i] he thought to himself [i]I'm old enough to become an adventurer[/i]. Fred was playing in a open field a little bit away from his house, as he played he imagined fighting off dragons, saving entire kingdoms from evil wizards, battling a cave of trolls, and donating to charity. Everything that a hero would do, or what Fred though a hero would do, he imagined he was doing it. Finally tired of playing, he decided to return home, eager to see what his family had cooked up for him on his birthday. However, when he arrived there was nobody in sight he checked all the rooms but there was no sign of human life! Fred started to panic, yelling "Mother, Father!!" hoping someone would come or at least return his calls but no one did. The last thing Fred remembers was extreme pain in his head, like something had just hit him, then blackness... Fred awoke tied to a tree, and what he saw was an awful scene. His family were bound in a similar fashion, positioned just in front of Fred. Standing next to them were the most scary, intimidating men Fred had ever seen. There were six men, all draped in deep black ropes and gloves, they had ridiculously long cylindrical hats on each one of them also possessed an an amazingly well groomed handlebar mustache, but the most ridiculous part were the catfish...each one of them wielded extremely big catfish. The leader approached Fred, Fred figured he was the leader due to his hat being two feet longer than everyone else's, "Now, little boooooooyyyy are you ready to watch your parents die?" he had a very ridiculous accent, and Fred would probably be laughing were it not for the amount of fear in him " W..Why you doing this? We're practically nobody, we live in the middle of no where" Fred replied "To advance the plot!" the leader stared at Fred menacingly. "Now watch little boooooooyyyy as we kill your family!" the six men then began to beat his family with the catfish. Hours upon hours of gruesome beating went by, it obviously takes a very long to kill someone with a fish, and Fred's family screamed in agony. All Fred could do is watch in horror as his parents and sister were beaten mercilessly and choked on their own blood, begging for mercy. Soon his family was dead, and as a river of tears streamed down Fred's face he yelled to the leader "I'll find you, and I'll kill you, no matter how long it takes I'll have my revenge!", "Oh really little boooo-" suddenly the leader started coughing a fly had just flown into his throat and he seemed to be choking on it. He coughed and he gagged, but the fly wouldn't come out, his face was turning an interesting shade of blueish purple, he collapsed to the ground and with one last attempt to remove the fly from his throat, he died, he lay completely motionless on the ground. Nobody said anything, they all just stared at the body of the late leader for what seemed like forever, after a few minutes the fly had worked it's way out of his throat and flew off like nothing happened. "Well...I guess I swear revenge on the second in command, whoever that is." someone in the back of the crowd raised their hand slowly "That would be me", "WELL I SWEAR VENGEANCE UPON YOU!" "We'll see about that one small child". With that the group speed walked into the forest, leaving Fred tied to the tree tree wallowing in his grief. [b]END OF PART ONE[/b]. Written by: Mr. J.E. Deathbot. TL;DR: IT'S A STORY, YOU KINDA HAVE TO READ IT. I have, roughly, this entire story planned out so let me know if you guys want me to continue it. Because I would totally love to. Also I'm open to [i]constructive[/i] criticism, and ideas on where I should take the story.

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