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The Archive-Halo 3 and ODST

[url=]The Main Archive.[/url] [u]ODST Forum[/u] [url=]ODST Forum is funny.[/url] [url=]ODST may give us some competition it seems..[/url] [url=]Why am I so damn excited for ODST?[/url] [u]Halo 3 Forum[/u] [url=]Harddrive photos?[/url] [url=]Dancing marine.[/url] [url=]Screw Assassin Armor(Included because it is legendary)[/url] [url=]Priceless..General Button layout.[/url] [url=]lmao...great..[/url] [url=]Murphy's laws of halo.[/url] [url=]Your ban is over huh?[/url] [url=]Foman..we know you hate cats, and yes you're going to hell.[/url] [url=]Shishka owning kids.[/url] [url=]Shishka owning more kids..[/url] [url=]Why am i not exalted heroic member?[/url] [url=]Killing the big crab.[/url] [url=]How does i get into matchmaking?[/url] [url=]Spartan Bruce.[/url] [url=]How many kills with your pp?[/url] [url=]I double teamed cortana!-Found by Eriskster.[/url] [url=]FoMan wants a Warthog mounted megan fox.[/url] [url=]This one =][/url] [url=]Press B to Highfive![/url] [url=]The Legendary Maps are a failure![/url] [url=]New map revealed[/url] [url=]The world's first legit killtacular.[/url] [url=]Looks like he's gone pro.[/url] [url=]The sniper shoots too far![/url] [url=]Sandbox is actually just Lockout, from H2.[/url] [url=]I fixed your maps for you bungie.[/url] [url=]Quote pyramid guy.[/url] [url=]Fix Blackout.[/url]

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