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Legacy Items (Concept Board)

[i]I first came up with this idea playing borderlands. While playing you find all these randomized guns, and then and again you stumble across one you really like in appearance - power whatever the case later levels of the game it becomes utterly useless.[/i] I'm sure any one who's played either borderlands 1/2 can relate to this situation. Now you may at This point be asking,[i] "what is your point?"[/i] And to that i answer, destiny too uses such a randomized weapon assembly! There will be guns you enjoy that will be outdated at some point it happens in all RPGs. However I have a solution an Idea I call [u]Legacy Items[/u]! [[b][u]Legacy Items][/u][/b] The concept is Each guardian is allowed one [i]Legacy Item[/i] to take one of any weapons heavy or light, in there invitory and make it a personal weapon that defines them. Maybe you like this weapon, for what it dose,the damage, or it just Looks neat? The player then can take this weapon and rename it to fit Them becoming a unique weapon! Then the player can put money into his new [i]legacy item[/i]. [u]-customization\upgrades[/u] Putting money into your [i]Legacy item[/i] will be posable through the regular weapons store in game, were you can take your gun and for a price swap out weapons parts from the randomized weapon parts to change its appearance to your liking! [i][b]Swap barrels, grips, stocks, bodies, clips[/b], Maybe even add paint jobs/textures, possibly emblems? [/i]All this making it look as if it were a part Of you. Now the other part would be the ability to actually upgrade your gun. [i]Since the core of this weapon probably will be seen over and over again throughout the game changing possibly a little at higher levels. [/i] your gun will be upgraded along that core upping through the levels it varies to fit to the players current level, this of course shall come at a steeper price! Finally unsure how this would work but to make your gun more to your liking the ability at cost and probably special items acquired. [b]Adding new effects to your gun[/b] Such as changes in [i]bullet effects, elemental, ammo changes, etc! [/i] think of it as your lightsaber from [u] knights of the old republic [/u] adjusting your own to be unique by finding artifacts, just in this case far deeper [u][b][Summery of Concept][/b][/u] [u]LEGACY ITEMS[/u] [i]A players own Legendary weapon created by them and unique to them! They will be an Ode to your character and their adventures, perhaps even having unique trophy parts, and paint jobs to earn and sport upon them! [/i] [b][u]LIMITATIONS[/u][/b] -[i]Legacy Items[/i] can not be made from Unique (artifacts, Legendary, unique, special) weapons. -Limited to only one [i]Legacy Item[/i] per Character([i]however may sell/toss item allowing them to start over to creat a new one from perhaps a better canvas, Or Different weapon group! If sold old weapon price is set instead to how much you spent into the weapon, which you will recover a lesser percentage then what you put Into it[/i]) -Legacy Items cannot be, [u]dropped/Picked up by other players/traded[/u]. (Each one will be unique to its Guardian alone) Now for all of you who have read my idea, feel free to comment, give your own thoughts, add your own ideas[i] I hope [u]Bungie[/u] will perhaps see this post and concept. perhaps take it under consideration, for perhaps there next tittle.[/i]

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