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ProTip: If a school district want to show "anti-bullying" videos....

[url=]Carefully review the content of the video and consider the decision-making abilities of the audience that you intend to have watch the video[/url]. [quote]Amaya Newton, an eighth grader at the Nevada school, says the boy was often mistreated by fellow students and that the video showing a bullied girl retaliating with a gun in the days before may have "gotten into his head."[/quote] In another instance. [quote]Lewis' son, Jordan, shot himself at his mother's house on Oct. 18 - one day after allegedly watching a bullying video that ended with the victim committing suicide.[/quote] My point is that a mature and reasonable person (more likely to be adults, but there ARE some mature and reasonable adolescents) can watch a video that dramatizes a bullying scenario, see that it portrays an outcome of suicide or murder, that a mature and reasonable person would view those outcomes as "tragic, non-desirable, and a really bad end". However, a less mature individual, whose decision making skills are still developing or are poor, could see that same dramatization and NOT see those resolutions (murder and/or suicide) as "poor choices" or "not a good course of action". They could view them as "hey, this closed and resolved the situation" and consider it as a potential "solution" instead of a "tragedy that should be avoided at all costs". I am not pretending that I am capable of "getting into the head" of young people with troubles. I am saying that I remember when I had poor decision making skills and would have possibly viewed such portrayals as a "option worth considering" instead of the intent of the film-makers and school district which is to show that those actions are "tragic, poor choices that no one should feel they should resort to".

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