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New Fallen read

Greetings fellows. It was wise to join us and become part of the new race which will assuredly end the "pure" ones' foothold on Earth. We have a few simple rules to follow so make sure you listen! Rule 1: Be respectful to everyone here. -We have order and if you decide to breach it, there will be swift, merciless consequences. Rule 2: Listen to your Captain. -I don't want to hear about how a few dregs decided to buck rank. If I hear from your captain about insubordination then I will call in the Mongols to deal with you. Rule 3: Ranks When joining us, you are classified into the bottom: Dregs. Through following your captain's orders, proving your battlefield worth, and respecting authority...your captain will promote you to Vandal. There are options after to be promoted to either Captain and receive your own pack or move on to other pursuits as needed in the Fallen's Legion. Promotions are based solely upon battlefield successes, following orders, and merit. Prove to us that you are better than your fellows and you shall be rewarded. Rule 4: Follow the creed: Eyus du roc shr ra! Sha nor ga sus! Mar der nay da! (Keep your blade sharp! Your form perfect! Your enemies' blood ever flowing!) Punishments: We do not tolerate those who act without order. We abide by BUNGiE's forum rules and our own code. Punishments are as follows: Break the rules and your captain will be dishonored and will be required to deal out your warning and punishment. Should you break the rules again your captain will be under review and you will be demoted. Third time rule breaking will result in your immeadiate banishment, your Captain demoted, and your squad shamed. Ranks are as followed: -Alpha - I alone attain this rank. My word is law! - Beta- ?, Gamma- ?, Delta- ?, Epsilon- ?, My hands. When I can't be reached or bothered by some issues these are the one's who act for me. -The Fallen Saints - Led by Saintdayne2579. The Royal guard of the Alpha. Their duties are to ensure the Alpha to be protected at all costs and to quell any and all possible insurrection. The Hands of Alpha(I.E. Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon) are culled from this group of steadfast and honorable Fallen. Membership approval by Saintdayne2579. -Mongols - The enforcers. They will seek out insolence and erase/banish it from here! -Goths - The ones who lead. They're above Captains for a reason. They've proven that they alone can lead a pack of captains and legions of dregs. -Captains - Your pack leader and mentor. He alone has responsibility for you. -Vandals - Your pack seniors. They have fought under your Captain the longest and have been through some tough times. Should your Captain prove unavailable to answer your questions, try them. I hope you learn to live with your pack brothers and sisters well. You have new life, you have FALLEN! Eyus du roc shr ra! Sha nor ga sus! Mar der nay da!

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